Google revealed interesting facts about Android 10

by Kelvin
Google revealed interesting facts about Android 10

The attention of users is important to Google no less than the money that the company earns in a variety of different ways. Apparently, for this reason, the leadership of the search giant made a strong-willed decision to begin distributing secret, it would seem, information about Google Pixel 4 long before the official release. However, Mountain View decided not to stop there and revealed some interesting details about the development of Android 10.


Google abandoned Android Q

Queen cake

Google revealed interesting facts about Android 10 6

What will be called Android Q? No way. And could – Queen Cake

Despite the fact that Google decided to stop using the names of desserts in the names of new versions of Android on Android Q, the company had a variant of its name. According to Dave Burke, Google’s vice president of engineering, Android 10 was called Android Queen Cake. But, fortunately, the company changed their minds in time and decided to use simply numbering, abandoning the Latin letters and their interpretations in general.

Android 10

Google revealed interesting facts about Android 10 7

Android 10 – new OS version from Google

It was not easy for Google to abandon the use of dessert names, but the need for this step became apparent quite a while ago. That’s why the company's marketers recommended introducing Android 10 rather than Android Q on Google I / O in May 2019. However, the Google management decided to keep the letter Q in the name of the update so as not to shock the fans, but take extra time to think it over. of this question.


Google revealed interesting facts about Android 10 8

Google thinks the Android 10 control gestures are perfect. Say it Apple

By and large, Google was satisfied with the three-button Android control system, which most users prefer. However, seeing how third-party smartphone manufacturers embed completely illogical and non-intuitive gestures in their firmware, Google developers came to the conclusion that they need to create a reference solution. Despite the fact that the company had only a few months to design a gesture control system, it succeeded. Well, at least that's what Google thinks.

New boot animation

Google revealed interesting facts about Android 10 9

New Google logo

New name – new design. In any case, in relation to the logo, which received a new appearance. Now this is not a stylized Android inscription, but the moving head of a green robot, which will become the main new animation of loading the operating system.


Google revealed interesting facts about Android 10 10

Who will plant him, he is a monument!

Refusing to use the old naming policy for new versions of Android will not prevent Google from creating new statues dedicated to updates. Therefore, immediately after the release of Android 10, fans who care about statues as a memory will be able to see the physical embodiment of the tenth version of the OS. By tradition, all future robots will be located on the main Google Campus in Mountain View.

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