Google says goodbye to dessert: Android Q will become Android 10


A few weeks before its launch, Google finally decided to reveal the name of Android Q and would not like more than one.

Giant Mountain View made us use almost a decade and with 15 the Android version with the name dessert, but now Android Q will leave this history and will only be called Android 10.


Google explained that the decision to change the name was intended to avoid confusion by using dessert names. On the one hand, the position of the company is understood, but this eliminates the long tradition of code names, rumors and challenges to discover the name of the new version of Android.

The names in the desserts are understood by the American public, but beyond this it can cause confusion and that is why Google will no longer call the new version of Android as a dessert.

According to the company, L and R do not differ in multiple languages, so they don't quite understand whether KitKat is a higher or lower version of Lollipop. Not to mention that new users don't understand anything, because most of them are from iOS where they are just numbers, as long as the numbers are higher, your team will be more updated.

In its official blog post, the new Android logo was also revealed. This looks like this.

And this is a video with Android 10 at the moment.

Source: Google (blog)

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