Google. Search now highlights original content

by Kelvin
Google. Search now highlights original content

Google has changed its algorithms in news search. According to the publication on its official blog, the purpose of this change is to give priority to original content that will "rise" in Search.

Google search aims to provide access to all relevant information available. The company wants content producers who invest time, effort and resources to be rewarded more prominently in their results.


Small or local media gain from the measure

This change can be significant for smaller media or sites that produce content first but are usually “drowned out” by large media in search. If this happens, whoever produced the content first will be rewarded.

“We usually show the latest and most comprehensive version of the story in the news results. However, we have made changes globally to highlight articles we have identified as meaningful original content, ”reads the post.

This type of articles will thus be in a more visible position to users. You will have access to the original content while looking for more recent articles on the topic.

It remains to be seen if this is going to be a noticeable change in Search, or if Google is just trying to please the publisher. The next few times will tell if these changes have had a positive effect each time we search for content.

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