Google: Short leaked videos show the Pixel 4 with its 90 Hz display

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Two leaked videos show the Google Pixel 4 in the wild. The short films give a good look at the design of Google's upcoming smartphone flagship.

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Google Pixel 4 Renderings | (c) @ OnLeaks / @ iGeekblog


(c) @ OnLeaks / @ iGeekblog

Apple will introduce his next iPhone in less than a week, but we also got new information almost daily from Google's upcoming flagship in the last few weeks. Partly by the manufacturer, but mostly by leaks. Just last week, the design has been popped up by numerous Photos confirmed, which were published on Telegram, among others. The device that appeared on the photos looked different than the Pixel 3 or Pixel 3a.

Now, the Malaysian retailer Halo Mobile has got up Facebook released a short video that seems to show the Pixel 4, complete with its narrower display margins and the redesigned camera setup on the back. The clip takes only a few seconds, but the phone in the video looks virtually identical to the phone from the XDA leak. With the release of the phone probably only a few weeks away from us, we're pretty much convinced that the smartphone in this video is actually the Pixel 4.

Unfortunately, the video reveals nothing we did not already know, as we only see how the phone turns on and boots. Of course, the Google Pixel 4 shipped with pre-installed Android 10, which was recently published by Google

In the short video you can see well the front display with a high "forehead." In the wide bar at the top of the screen are various sensors (including a Motion Sense Sensor) .The lower display frame is much narrower, at the bottom you can clearly see the USB-C On the right side of the phone are the on / off switch and the volume buttons, the case edges seem to be held in a matte finish that stands out nicely from the smooth glass backside, and you get a short one Look at the back camera socket and the

Shortly after this video is yet another emerges – this time on Twitter, The short film shows this time the smartphone with already started operating system.

Perhaps the most notable change, along with the recently confirmed 90 Hz display, is that Google is finally catching up with all the other big sellers and using at least one additional lens on the back camera. Google was one of the last vendors to have just a single lens on the back of their phones, but this era seems to be over now. There is also no evidence of a fingerprint scanner on the back of the device, so an in-display sensor this year may be another novelty in the Pixel series.

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Source: Youtube, Twitter via Android Authority, XDA Devlopers

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