Google Socrates app for students launched on iOS, offering learning based on …

Google Socrates app for students launched on iOS, offering learning based on ... 1

Google has introduced the Socratic application that was modified after acquiring it last year. This app now supports Google AI, which offers many new features and resources to help high school students and students. Google's new Socrates app is now streamed directly into the App Store for iOS users, and is said to be available to Android users this fall. With this app, students can solve difficult math equations or physics problems and even offer various guides and study material for those who are interested.

Google's new Socrates app now allows students to take photos of a question and find answers on the Web through relevant and credible resources. Students can also use voice commands to submit problems and find answers over the Web. This app also helps students understand difficult content. For example, if they have difficulty understanding the content or booklets of textbooks, they can take picture pages and check alternative explanations for the same concept.

This app is equipped with a complex built-in algorithm that sees student questions and automatically identifies relevant basic concepts. Google's Socrates app can find videos, conceptual explanations, and online resources to help students easily understand. For students who want to learn more, the app breaks concepts down into smaller, easier-to-understand lessons. Obtain information from the best educational resources, YouTube, and even offers internal user responses that have been submitted from time to time.

As for the reasons for launching the app, Google Technical Manager Socrates Sheyans Bhansali said in a blog post: "In creating educational resources for teachers and students, we have spent a lot of time talking to them about the challenges they face and how we can help them. We've heard that students often get caught up in learning. When they have questions in class, a teacher can quickly clarify, but that's frustrating for students who spend hours looking for answers while studying on their own. "

Google's Socratic app has over 1,000+ thematic guides on higher education and high school topics like biology, physics, algebra, geometry, fiction, non-fiction and more. This allows students to review or learn about certain topics only through key points, and also offers more in-depth web resources if students want to learn more.


A useful redesigned app, as mentioned, is now available on the App Store, and will be available to Android users on Google Play this fall.

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