Google Stadia Founders Edition is sold out, now Stadia Premiere Edition arrives

by Kelvin
El Chapuzas Informático

There seems to be a lot of users who have risked pre-buying access to Google Stadia by editing Founders Edition, to the point that in many European countries, such as Spain, Switzerland, Italy, France or Germany, this edition has run out. To summarize the list, only stock of this edition still exists in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

After that, Premiere edition arrives, which has been practically the same, except that we will be without the gamepad in color "blue night", which is replaced by a white one. Further, we will not be allowed to pre-register our nick to reserve it, and also we will lose the Buddy Pass, a pass for a friend to access Google Stadia for 3 months for free. Otherwise, both editions are exactly the same.


Google Stadia Premiere Edition

We must remember that Stadia is about the Google Cloud gaming platform, and has some disadvantages, such as an exclusive game library, so you won't be able to play any game you currently have (and not play against other players from another platform), The games will have to be purchased on the platform at higher prices than any key you can buy for Steam, for example.

To this is added that to play with the least possible delay, we are obliged to buy the gamepad, to which is added that has not been offered no open access users to test the platform before paying to access it (it will arrive months after its launch =, remembering that a connection of at least 20 Mbps to play at 1080p resolution @ 60 FPS and 35 Mbps to reach 4K @ 60 FPS.

In essence, Google Stadia entails an initial payment of 129 euros to access the platform for 3 months and receive the gamepad next to Chromecast Ultra. Once the period is over, it's like pay a rent for a PC with a monthly cost of 10 euros which we can access from a PC, TV or even a smartphone, and run the game remotely, but we will be limited to the games catalog offered by the platform.

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