Google stopped supporting the "receive voicemail by message" feature

Google stopped supporting the "receive voicemail by message" feature 1

We all agree that spam calls and dropped calls are threats. Another "victim" to speak of in the war against them, aside from our sanity and our time, seems to be Google's "receive voice messages through messages" feature. They announced that they would no longer support this feature because the message remained marked as spam by the operator, and therefore was unable to contact the user again. However, the “receive voicemail via email” option is still available if you really need the voicemail transcription you are receiving.

If you are not familiar with this feature, it copies the voice messages you receive from your Google Voice number and then sends them as an SMS if you want a copy. Therefore, it is a good way to track missed calls and send them directly to your voicemail. However, given the number of automatic calls customers receive from spam companies, the operator marks these messages as spam so that they are not actually received.

So given that problem, Google only decided to stop the feature entirely because they couldn't make sure the messages were actually sent. On August 9, you will not be able to send it directly to your SMS. You don't need to do anything before because it will be a server side change. You will only find that the “Get Voicemail via Email” feature will no longer exist. In fact, they have started to remove features for some users and it is expected to complete it in a few days.

The good news is that you can still forward this transcript to your email. Open and in the upper right corner, you will see the settings icon. Touch and click the voicemail on the left. Then simply activate the option "Get voicemail by email." Or another option is to directly listen to your voicemail.

The fight against robots is real because it has reached the legislative stage. FCC allows operators to have a spam detection protocol and roboc calls are the default setting rather than optional. There are also several articles and bills pending in Congress on this topic.


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