Google teaches how you can manage 4 pixels without hands

by Kelvin

Google Pixels 4, hands-free!

Through videos and articles on the official Google blog, the company wants to show the world how the most striking technology of the next terminal will work. For the name SoliThe technology will be based on radar-type motion sensors that will detect movement and objects in front of the device.


It may interest you …

This will be the front of the Pixel 4 wide bezel: to hide the front camera and … something else

This sensor will accompany many other sensors that will be found on the front of the device, such as the front camera, infrared sensors to unlock faces, proximity and brightness sensors and place projectors. This is a series of sensors that are quite reminiscent of the iPhone X, although in the case of Google, enough attention will be paid to the use of gestures to operate the device without touching it.

Google is talking about changing songs, muting calls, or turning off an alarm by simply gesturing, even though it makes sure there are plenty of other features available. Of course, what interests us is that they determine that motion sensor systems "may not be available in all Pixel countries." This is somewhat less suspicious, but it may make sense if the technology is only available in one model (Pixel 4 XL, for example) and that version doesn't reach all markets. We will see how all this ends.

Unlock face

Google teaches how you can handle 4 pixels without hands 1 "width =" 1268 "height =" 664

Another new thing is the face recognition system that will unlock your cell phone just by looking at the screen. This is a technology that already exists in many other devices, even in the case of pixels. 4 will approach the proposal Apple with their iPhones due to the presence of spotlights and stage lights.

Obviously, the information used to unlock the device and make payments is quite sensitive, so manufacturers will use their security chip Titan M to encrypt data and protect your privacy, so that data is not stored in the cloud or anywhere other than your own cell phone.

Little by little Pixel 4 began to discover all the cards, and when you saw what you saw, it seemed that you had to teach a little more about it. Do you think Google will keep another surprise to surprise us? Knowing that everything is getting a little boring.

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