Google: The first Pixel 5 XL image: Is Google really brave with this …

by Kelvin
Google: The first Pixel 5 XL image: Is Google really brave with this ...

All the information about Google Pixels 5 XL

The first image, which has just appeared from Google Pixel 5 The upcoming XL shows the very modern design of the upcoming Pixel smartphone. It is said to come from a very trusted source and to be based on CAD rendering as one of the three designs that Google is currently working on.


Four months have passed since Google launched Pixel 4. The manufacturer is currently working intensively on the upcoming Pixel 4a, the usual mid-year model, which could be found in the middle class again. Due to this, it can be assumed that it will be more than half a year before Google introduces Pixel 5. Despite this, the first photo of Pixel 5 XL has appeared. They came from a video where Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech revealed what a bigger flagship could look like in the fall of 2020.
The image should show one of the three Google Pixel 5 Next XL designs, which Google is currently working on. Source: Frontpage Technology According to Prosser, the image comes from a "very reliable" source and was based on a 3D CAD file for one of Pixel 5's three initial prototypes. It is not just common practice at Google that companies allow multiple teams work on separate designs in parallel. , before the final design of a smartphone is usually decided in April or May. For the other two designs, the base of the above square camera is Pixel 4 XL should be displayed. However, this approach with the parallel development of different designs also means that the model you see in the image here may still be a victim of a red pencil. It is not uncommon to release upcoming design drawings that have never seen the light of day.

A newly designed large camera base

Camera module design in Google Pixel 5 design This XL will be a true innovation for conservative Google companies. Source: Home Technology With this design, the base is a square Pixel 4 series camera has disappeared and has been replaced by a very large camera area. It sits in the middle of a smartphone and stands out behind a matte box. Not like what we saw on other smartphones. According to Posser, this camera has a main wide-angle lens and a telephoto and ultra-wide-angle lens. There is nothing to see from the front in the video, it's a shame. Posser said the front is Pixel 5 XL has not been designed and therefore does not want to show it. However, it will look like Pixel 4, only with narrower edges.

Unlike other competing devices, the Pixel 4 XL's forehead is still quite high. Unlike other competing devices, the Pixel 4 XL's forehead is still quite high. Source: Areamobile That is also the question we ask ourselves. Has Google finally managed to say goodbye to the very wide front edge and make the cell phone look a bit more modern? Although this can be difficult given the technology used so far with Pixel 4 with the need for large space radars and ID sensors the face The forehead and chin will surely be a bit narrower than the current flagship. And that would be, if Posser was right about what he said in the video.

Google: The first Pixel 5 XL image: Is Google really brave with this ... 2

Pixel 5 XL Hardware

Even in terms of hardware, people can only speculate today, just over eight months before launch. Google shouldn't be able to avoid high-end SoCs like Snapdragon 865, the RAM is over 8GB, and 128 gigabyte device memory and 5G support. It will also be interesting to see if Google will participate in an arms race in terms of frequency of screen updates with competitors like OnePlus and Samsung and will also enter the market with a 120 Hz screen.

Pixel 5 XL Announcement and Launch

If Google stays at the previous launch frequency, the Pixel 5 series can be served in mid-October 2020 and can be ordered in advance. The device is likely to be on the market since October 19 is the earliest. Previously, Google had to continue to focus on Google Pixel 4a, which we hope to present at Google I / O in early May 2020.

If Google decides to continue this design with an almost large camera base, it will be a big change, especially for Google. Pixel manufacturers in particular have been following fairly conservative design strategies for years, so we don't think it's very likely that this design will eventually be implemented.

What do you think of the design in this image? You like Discuss with us in the comments.

Sources: FPT / Youtube, Phonearena

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