Google: [Update: Dark Mode im Play Store] Dark Fashion for Gmail in Android is delivered

by Kelvin
Google: Dark Fashion for Gmail in Android is delivered

Google has announced the dark mode for Google on the Android 10 website, but not yet implemented system-wide. The Google app, the Play Store, Maps and Gmail were the biggest construction sites where it still does not work, but they are finally getting their dark robe via update.

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Google has begun rolling out the Dark Mode for the Gmail app on Android. | (c) Areamobile


(c) Areamobile

Update: 12:09 Play Store receives Dark Mode (David Wagner)

While we're still waiting in the newsroom for the Dark Mode for Gmail to activate on our devices, XDA Developers' colleagues have already spotted a dark play store. Actually, Google had promised that all Google apps support the release of Android 10 Dark Mode, but now is still later. But like Gmail, the dark play store only seems to be unlocked for a handful of users. Only a few users whose devices are already running on Android 10 can see and operate the switch in their settings. If you, like us, still wait for the Dark Mode, then unfortunately only patience helps. Once the feature is available to all users, we'll let you know.

The Play Store in Dark Mode | (c) XDA Developers

As several users noticed on Reddit, Gmail finally gets a dark theme after the last update. To see the changes, you must have the latest build (2019.08.18.267044774) installed. As always, it may take a while for every Android 10 user to receive the appropriate update. The reason for this is that the Dark Mode option is an additional server-side flag that needs to be activated.

The interface for the new Dark Mode in Gmail is similar to the one we know from other Google applications. You can choose from the three design options Light, Dark and System Standard. The topic option itself is listed at the top of the general settings; The dark fashion itself has a dark gray color scheme with red accent colors.

If you do not want to wait for the update to Gmail v2019.08.18.267 to be automatically offered to you or hang it in the download loop, which is currently a little bit overburdened, you can manually install the above-mentioned Gmail APK. The download can be found on APK Mirror.

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Source: Reddit, 9to5Google

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