Google will make greater control of all applications of Google Play Store

by Kelvin
Google Play Store

Every day we know of a case of malware that has infected thousands of mobile phones worldwide. The best thing to avoid malware is to bet on official app stores like Google Play. But it is not always enough and sneak games and apps that have viruses and that end up infecting the devices. Now Google will take more measures.


Google says that the review of new applications will be taken more seriously. Google will apply an in-depth review of new applications in some developer accounts and it may take up to three days to accept the app.

“In some developer accounts, we spend more time carefully reviewing applications to protect our users. You will receive a notification in the Control Panel of your application About the time we should take. It may take up to three days from when you submit your application until it is published, so we recommend that you take it into account and adjust the planning, ”they explained from the Mountain View company itself. It can be delayed up to three days until it is finally accepted and arrives at the app store.

Android malware

Google wants to protect users and prevent malware from sneaking into devices through applications. This is a bad measure for developers who will have to wait a little longer to see their available apps. But an excellent measure for users who will be more protected and will have fewer risks when installing apps.

Tips for installing apps safely

Always use reliable app stores as Google Play Store or those of the brand of your mobile, such as Huawei that has its own. If you are going to use another app store make sure it is a reputable and reputable store like, for example, with all kinds of APKs available.

Read the opinions before downloading an application or search Google for reviews and available options of apps that fulfill the task you need.

Beware of applications that, once installed, They ask you too many permits. Do not accept microphone or camera permissions in games or applications that are purchased or that apparently do not need at all those permissions that they ask for.

Uninstall immediately the applications you see consume too much data or too much battery when you're not even using them

infect a virus

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