Google will show you the most useful moments of a video so you save time

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Google will show you the most useful moments of a video so you save time

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Hasn't that ever happened to you to search for something on Google and recommend videos and lazy to see them complete? Sometimes we need to look for very, very specific things and it is known by many that the videos that swarm on the Internet have a lot of extra "backpack." Google wants you not to waste so much time.

A video, especially tutorials, has many parts that we are lazy to see when we look for something very accurate; an entradilla, a previous explanation, a subscription request, etc.

Now Google itself will tell you which moments of the video that it recommends are the most useful for you to go to see them and do not have to eat a 10-minute video to know a thing of 3.

Google will tell you which moments of the videos you are looking for are more important

Through some brands in the timeline of the video we can go directly to that part without leaving the Google search. Thus, in theory, we should find the most useful part of the video for us and thus avoid wasting time.

However, the system has a problem: it needs of the timestamps that youtubers themselves apply in their videos. This implies that the usefulness of this function could vary depending on the amount of information provided by these creators, so at first it might be a bit inconsistent.

On the other hand this function is especially relevant for the tutorials of YouTube. Normally when we look for how to do something there is already a youtuber who wants to show us how it is done. The problem is that before doing so He asks us to subscribe, gives us an intro and explains things that may not even have to do with what we are looking for.

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This way of searching for information is ideal because it does not make you watch the whole video and also have to pass it to go directly to the specific part of the information. However, this can be a problem for certain youtubers, as they can lose audience retention in their footage. For now we will have to wait to enjoy this new feature.

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