Google will soon launch a new app “Android Auto for mobile screens”

by Kelvin
Android Auto nueva app

It seems strange to us that a new app for “Android Auto for mobile screens”, but coming from Google surely they have an excuse of good to launch another application.


Even knowing that Android Auto could be integrated into Google Assistant and without the need to install the app, on the support pages, Google explains that Auto is now implemented in Android 10 And you don't need an app. Just connecting your device to the car should work.

But the important thing comes right after that text, since Google warns that for the coming weeks will be publishing a new app called “Android Auto for mobile screens” in the Play Store.

Android Auto new app

Right after it says it can be downloaded this app to continue using the screen version of the Android Auto mobile. So it leaves us with several doubts among which some hypotheses can give some light.

Since it's just a Direct access to your impending Assistant Driving Mode, as was Google Podcasts being a direct access to the Google app, or even a version of Auto with the same phone interface, although limited to older phones.

And the hypothesis that seems more valid, that the app is a new one and could offer the same redesigned interface for Android Auto for cars that was launched recently. With the exception that everything would work on your mobile screen.

The truth that we miss missing in Android Auto for mobile that new interface with which everything looks better and offers an improved experience. So the bets are launched so that in a matter of weeks Google will doubt us with a new app that we will have to download from the Play Store.

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