Google will stop serving ads about experimental medical techniques

by Kelvin
Google will stop serving ads about experimental medical techniques

In recent months, platforms like Facebook Y Pinterest They have changed their dynamics to eliminate content that contributes to disinformation about vaccines.

But it is not the only dangerous issue that is shared on the internet, there is a lot of publicity related to medical treatments that have no scientific basis, have not been proven or are classified as experimental. And of course, they don't have any kind of regulation.


Google wants to step aside in promoting these types of ads as mentioned:

Today, we announce a new medical care and medication policy to prohibit the advertising of unproven or experimental medical techniques, such as most stem cell therapy, cell therapy (non-mother) and gene therapy. This new policy will prohibit advertisements that sell treatments that do not have an established biomedical or scientific basis.

While many of these treatments are based on true research in order to make advances in different areas, many manage to camouflage themselves by taking advantage of this dynamic that allows advertising to promote magical solutions to almost any type of problem.

Not only has this taken large sums of money from users, but they have also caused permanent damage. With all these factors in mind, Google will start applying new criteria for this type of advertising. This will also depend on the regulations of each country, as detailed in the Google Help Center.

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