Google would beat Huawei; the Pixel 4 would have a 20x zoom

by Kelvin
Google would beat Huawei; the Pixel 4 would have a 20x zoom

It seems that it will be in the first days of October when Google makes official the presentation of its Pixel 4, phone that the brand itself has already revealed, and that little by little has been telling us several of its characteristics, however, a “googler” has mentioned another function that has undoubtedly left us impressed.


All started when Claude Zellweger, Google Design Director posted a photo in his account of Instagram With the title light + shadows. But the big surprise came in one of the comments of the publication, just after Alberto Villarreal, Creative and Industrial Design Director of Google will congratulate Zellweger for the photograph, and he replied that it had been taken with a 20x zoom from a Pixel phone.

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Light + Shadow #googleIDstudio

A post shared by Claude Zellweger (@claudezellweger) on Aug 9, 2019 at 4:54 pm PDT

Today there is no Pixel with these capabilities

Although the Pixel 3 released a feature called Super Res Zoom, this phone does not offer a 20x zoom, nor is it able to match the photographic results of the image published in Instagram.

Google would beat Huawei; the Pixel 4 would have a 20x zoom 2

This would mean that the Pixel 4 It would have a camera with the ability to offer a 20x zoom without loss, something that not even Huawei has been able to achieve today.

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Apparently Google's technology would be driven by software and not hardware, although some rumors mention that one of its sensors will be a telephoto with 2 or 3x optical zoom.

Nor should we ignore that Google itself mentioned that we were going to be surprised with the operation of the camera, so it will be up to a few weeks when we know more details about it.

The Google entry would surpass Huawei; the Pixel 4 would have a 20x zoom was first published in a third.