Google's owners want to spare a lot of suffering

by Kelvin
Google's owners want to spare a lot of suffering

If it comes to Google, then we should soon get a much easier way to test new Android versions in advance on our phones. Only the manufacturers would have to play along. The stated goal is faster updates and more flexibility for the users.

Android: Try new version without installation

Together with Android 10, Google has also introduced so-called "Dynamic System Updates". This gives developers the opportunity to install updates without having to touch the bootloader or overwrite data. Now there is interesting news, because the program will be expanded – and it should benefit mainly the Android users.


If it goes to Google, the manufacturers of smartphones will no longer distribute their updates in the future as "friss or die" packages, but leave the users the choice whether the update should not first be tested first. Only if everything is ok, the package will be permanently installed. Does it contrary to expectation not quite so round, then the update with a reboot simply disappear again from the mobile phone.

Experience shows that even large corporations are not always able to distribute "final" updates to their customers without error. However, if users have already applied these updates, they either have to wait for the update to update – or reset their phone to factory settings. Both options should be spared us in future if the "Dynamic System Updates" are introduced nationwide.

All new features around Android 10 can be found here in our video:

Test Android: Manufacturers have to play

While Google itself will provide the basics for "Dynamic System Updates", it is up to the manufacturers of the smartphones themselves whether they want to make use of them or not. Especially with beta versions, the process should be available for all manufacturers. Users would certainly be much more inclined to test an unfinished version of Android on their phone if they did not have to sacrifice their entire system.

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When Google officially introduces the new style of Android updates is not yet known. However, according to a report by XDA Developers, the expansion of the program has already been initiated. Some manufacturers should already make use of the first pre-release versions of Android 11.

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