Gotha, improve your contact management thanks to this adjustment


The jailbreak community gives iOS the features and apps that some users want on their devices in addition to that Apple It does not allow modifications. A lot of tweaks were created that bring new features and enhancements to devices in the original iOS app and today we're talking about the latter.


Send a Tweet, write an email or post on the contact wall directly from the calendar

Today we bring you a named setting Gotha which will enhance your experience using the Contacts app on your iOS device. This setting shows the bar where we can choose send a tweet, write email, post on the wall, call or send Message to the contacts where we slide our finger to the right. In this way, if we want to send an email to a friend, we only need to swipe the saved contact, click on the Mail icon and we will start the application with the person's email. Instead, we don't want to know anything about contact, we just need swipe left and that we will erase directly