Great cheap and simple drone options at GearBest

by Kelvin
Great cheap and simple drone options at GearBest

Unmanned aerial vehicles, popularly known as drones, figure on many people’s wish lists and are often associated with high investments. But we, here at TecMundo, have good news for you: they are not always expensive. But… where to buy drone? Which drone to buy? What is the best drone?

To answer your questions, we’ve made a list of cheap drones to buy at GearBest with the important specs you need to take into account when making your purchase. Let’s check it out?

SG106 RTF drone, 720P camera

9% off

It has HD camera and its battery allows it to fly in up to 22 minutes.


BRL 283.08

A drone with a 720 pixel camera that transmits videos in real time and has a powerful 1,600mAh battery, ensuring a flight lasting up to 22 minutes. Some features of the model such as the altitude hold mode and optical flow positioning system ensure steadier performance and sharper photos.

Quadcopter Drone KF607, 1080P camera

Compact-format drone with various camera models. This model records in HD, 2 cameras and battery for up to 18 minutes of flight.

Foldable, this 4-channel camera drone is equipped with LED lights and a six-axis gyroscope. The model transmits in real time via Wi-Fi directly to your smartphone and has a 1080 pixel resolution camera. Its battery is 300mAh, with a flight duration of up to 18 minutes and a maximum distance of 100 meters.

Mini RTF S9 drone, 0.3MP camera

7% off

Mini drone with good quality material and VGA camera.

BRL 160.19

Developed especially for beginners, this mini drone has a 0.3 MP camera that guarantees a satisfactory resolution in your photos and videos. Its 220 mAh battery provides a flight duration of up to 7 minutes and a maximum distance of 30 meters. Compact, the model is even easier to carry when folded.

VISUO XS809W quadricopter drone, 2MP camera

46% off

Lightweight and compact, it comes with 3 batteries, 2 MP camera and atmospheric stabilization system.

BRL 502.53

Another foldable type model, the VISUO XS809W has the G-Sensor, which allows the equipment to follow the way you move your smartphone. Furthermore, it is equipped with a six-axis gyroscope which makes it more wind resistant, with good outdoor performance. Its 900mAh battery guarantees a 10-minute flight. The camera drone can be controlled from a distance of up to 100 meters.

SH4 Quadricopter Drone, with HD 720P camera

5% off

Comes with gravity control and battery life for up to 35 minutes of flight.

BRL 264.28

Drone with a 720 pixel camera, powerful 1600mAh battery and the longest flight time on our list: 35 minutes duration. Its maximum flight distance is 100 meters.

RTF SG700 drone, 480P camera

7% off

It has the option of motion detection and fall protection when unloading.

BRL 241.10

The SG700 is a 480-pixel resolution camera drone that has an interesting gesture photography feature, so you can record without a complex operation. Its 900mAh battery provides a 10 minute flight time with control up to 90 meters away.

Flymax 2 Quadricopter Drone

47% off

An HD dorne with humble settings, wifi and motion detection for photography.


Equipped with 4 LED lights that facilitate the visibility of the equipment, this drone with HD resolution camera has a maximum flight time of 8 minutes and an 800mAh battery. The maximum distance for control is 100 meters.