Great Deal for Hisense HS218 Soundbar – Save 34%

by Kelvin
Отличная сделка для звуковой панели Hisense HS218

A soundbar that is easy to connect to our TV and that we can place anywhere, on furniture, under the TV, or attach directly to the wall. For our part, we can place the subwoofer in the part of the living room where we like it most or least of all, because, being wireless, it does not need to run cables between them.

Great deal for Hisense HS218 soundbar

200W power and wireless subwoofer

The fact that this Hisense HS218 soundbar has Bluetooth Connectivity means we can connect to it from a mobile phone or tablet to send and enjoy our favorite music with excellent sound quality. But if our TV does not have a wireless connection, this is not a problem, since we can connect the soundbar to the TV via an HDMI cable.


barra de sonido hisense hs218

This model has inside two full-range speakers and two 1.25-inch tweeters to deliver 2.1ch sound, which when combined with a wireless subwoofer delivers maximum power output 200 W with surround sound.

A device that allows us to enjoy deep bass and has multiple customized modes , music mode, movie mode and news mode. The former offers a setting to create a more immersive sound, Film Mode lets you enjoy sound rich in detail and bass, and News Mode focuses on emitting sound directed at us to keep dialogues as crisp and clear as possible.

Offer for Hisense HS218 soundbar

The price of this Hisense HS218 soundbar is € 199, but thanks to the offer we are currently finding on Amazon, you can save 34% off the original price. So now all we have to do is pay € 131.76 for him, which represents a savings of 67.24 euros and makes it one of the soundbars with a powerful wireless subwoofer at the best price.

barra de sonido Hisense HS218 frontal

Now, if we prefer, we can also choose to pay for the soundbar in four installments of € 33.76 over 90 days. Of course, the final price of the bullion will be 135.05 euros, since this method of financing is associated with certain interests.

As stated in the details of the offer, this Hisense HS218 soundbar takes 3 to 4 days to ship and costs € 6.61. The amount we have to add to the total price of this model, although the truth is that the offer is still worth it.