Great tweaks for the iPhone Music app with iOS 8

by Kelvin

Improve the experience of listening to music on iPhone with these tweaks for iOS 8

Since the iPhone and iPad Jailbreak is available for iOS 8 and later, a large number of tweaks have arrived in Cydia, some updated and some new. Today we leave you with a series of tweaks that are great to use with the iPhone music app with iOS 8.

Great tweaks for the iPhone Music app with iOS 8 3

The tweaks that you can find below have been developed especially for lovers of listening to music on the iPhone through the iOS Music application itself, expanding the limitations that the application currently has. These tweaks for devices with Jailbreak will enhance the experience of listening to music on the device, making it more enjoyable.



MiniPlayer is a tweak for jailbroken devices that has been available for a long time and this allows users have a window as a widget on the screen Start of our device through which the song that is playing on the device is displayed and also allows you to manage and change tracks. This tweak is very similar to the famous MiniPlayer that users can find in the desktop version of iTunes.

MiniPlayer can be placed on any side of the screen and makes access to it quite simple and at any time. It also has support for Activator to show or hide it, in addition, it also has additional features, such as search and much more.

If you want this tweak, MiniPlayer It is located in Cydia through the BigBoss repository for $ 1.99.


Aria is a tweak for the iOS music app quite popular. Thanks to this tweak we will be able to customize the ways to view our music library within the Music application that comes natively on iOS, the mobile operating system of Apple. Among some of its most outstanding features we can find the view of the albums in grid form, also available to artists. In addition, we will also be able to see the queued songs, change the colors of the application, use the album cover to customize the view of the current playback and much more. The Aria tweak has a lot of configuration options to customize the Music application.

If you want this tweak, Aria It is available on Cydia through the BigBoss repository for $ 1.99.


UpNext is a tweak that provides interesting functionality in the iOS music application which is available on iTunes. If you are one of those who likes Schedule lists of songs that will be heard as the device is used, it will now be possible with this tweak. For this directly from the music application we simply have to move from right to left on the song to be able to choose if we want to make it the next song to play or if we want to put it in the queue. In addition, we can also easily manage queued songs, reorder them and even remove songs from the list. The best thing is that UpNext has a widget within the Notification Center through which you can see the next songs that will sound.

If you want this tweak, Upnext It is available on Cydia through the BigBoss repository for $ 1.49.


Acapella is a tweak available in Cydia that will allow us to use gestures to control the music we are playing on our device. This tweak makes the task so simple that it is possible to play on the song, artist or album to start playing or pausing the music, in addition, we will have to use gestures, sliding your finger on the screen, to go to the next song or Go back to the previous song. It also has other gestures to move backward or forward within the same songs, change the volume and much more. This tweak has gestures up and down and even gives the ability to easily share what we are sharing through Facebook, Twitter, etc. In addition, Acapella works on the lock screen, in the Control Center and on the Playback screen of the Music application.

If you want this tweak, Acapella It is located in Cydia through the BigBoss repository, it is available for $ 2.


Thanks to the CustomCover tweak, available since the arrival of iOS 7, it will be possible use the artwork or album cover that we are listening to as a wallpaper on the lock screen of our device, as in the current Playback screen. In addition, this tweak is very complete since it has different display styles so you can customize it the way you want. It also allows us to use the color we want for the controls of the player and for the background that is seen outside the album cover. This among many other customization options.

If you want this tweak, CustomCover It is available through Cydia in the repository

Obviously, to be able to install the tweaks for the iOS Music app It is necessary to have an iPhone or iPad with Jailbreak, if you have not already done so we recommend you take a look at our complete guide, step by step, to do the Jailbreak Untethered to the iPhone and iPad with iOS 8.

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