Green cell phones are also the easiest to repair.


Sometimes design and performance aren't everything when buying a cell phone. More and more users who care about the environment want to keep their values ‚Äč‚Äčintact. This is where the terminal appears as Fairphone 3, a totally green device that entered the market a few weeks ago and is now back in the news for that High level of repairability.

iFixit is known by most users as one of the most prominent websites when presenting cellular repairable value. P.Well, this time they had put all the spotlights on Fairphone 3 which shows the world as the easiest device to repair in the world. We tell you all the details.


The easiest cell phone to fix

Today, producers smartphones They generally include such innovative components in their creations that they are almost impossible to fix. We have seen examples such as Google Pixels 3, P30 Pro or Mate 20 Pro where changing any part can be a true experience for specialized workshops. However, there are always exceptions that confirm the rule, and in this case we discuss Fairphone 3.

iFixit has decided to review the cheapest cell phone repair to date, and it turns out to be the easiest device to repair. We must remember that this device is produced by a module, so the difficulty in separating all its parts is much less if we compare it with the most popular brands on the market. To get an idea, the high-end generally reaches intermediate value 1 and 3 in the repairability index, Disassembly and assembly. In the case of Fairphone 3, the number has been 10 out of 10

Green cell phones are also the easiest to repair. two

With data in hand, Fairphone 3 showing the world as the easiest cell phone to repair right now. Undoubtedly, one more positive point to include in the list are some users who are looking for an honest ecological terminal that includes some characteristics of the middle class.

Source | iFixit

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