«Greetings from WhatsApp» is the latest scam in the messaging application

by Kelvin

WhatsApp has become an omnipresent application. It is used for work, for leisure and for virtually any type of communication. In countries like Spain it is almost impossible to find someone who has a smartphone and has not installed it.

That is why the scam and scam attempts through the application are increasing. The last one, of which the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU), arrives in the form of a message to certify our telephone number.


An SMS to try to steal the account

The procedure to access our data is based on the same method we use to activate the account: the receipt of a security SMS.

If we have not tried to install the application on a new mobile, and we receive an SMS with the text "WhatsApp Greetings" indicating that our code to activate WhatsApp is available, we must not click on the link included.

If we do, we will be granting access to our conversations and data to the person who has sent us the SMS, probably to access that sensitive information that they can copy even if we withdraw access to the application.

What to do if we have already lost access


In the event that our access to our account has been removed, we can open the application and click on the verify button that appears. We will receive an SMS with a secret number that we must write in the WhatsApp application.

It is important to know that we cannot prevent them from trying to remove the account, but we can prevent it from happening: simply ignoring the SMS of this type that comes to us.

If we want to increase the security of the application we can configure the authentication in two steps. This way it will be impossible to usurp the account since they will have to know the double authentication password.

«Greetings from WhatsApp» is the latest scam in the messaging application 2 WhatsApp Messenger Version: Author: Requires INSTALL INSTALL INSTALL APK Size:

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