Grundig Vision 7 UHD TV, analysis: near-maximum balance

by Kelvin
Televisor Grundig 58VLX7860 de 58 pulgadas.

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Surely in your search for the economic large format TV you have found numerous options, but belonging to brands far from what 'mainstream' like Samsung or LG. These two manufacturers dominate the sector of Smart TVs with a hard hand, but another competitor joins the fight with a proposal.

It is more than certain that in this search you have found the occasional Grundig TV. The brand may sound unknown to some but it is far from an unknown firm in the audiovisual world. This German manufacturer of audio, television and radio equipment has already made its foray into the world of televisions, and tries again with an interesting proposal.


We talked about the Grundig TV 58VLX7860 Vision 7 UHD 58 inch leaving by 3 inches of the standard of 55. We have thoroughly tested it with all kinds of tests and we explain what that device has to say in the face of increasingly tough competition.

The Grundig TV that democratizes 58 inches at low cost: sober but you don't need it

This TV is not for all rooms, and its size proves it. Obviously we are not going to put such a large TV in a small room; This TV is designed more for larger rooms or rooms that can take advantage of the breadth of a panel which reaches 58 inches. An imposing television as usual in these sizes.

As for the design we have little to say, and that is normally good news. We are far from ultra-fine designs and impossible frames as we see in high-end televisions, but this 58-inch television does not need it; We are not looking for great finishes but a design that stands out as little as possible. And here Grundig breastfeeds favorably.

We have reduced frames that never hurts, and the most remarkable aspect of its design are its 2 metal side bases. In general, the only "negative" aspect (if we can consider it as such "is that we are not talking about an ultra-fine TV; we will have a noticeable bulge behind the TV with all the connections available to the user. Something minor knowing that a Once we install the TV we will practically forget them.

Grundig Vision 7 UHD TV, analysis: near-maximum balance 11

A red LED will populate the bottom of the TV and we will find all the necessary connections at the back. Specifically, we will enjoy a wide variety of connections: 3 HDMI 2.0, 2 USB 2.0, LAN, CI + slot, optical audio output and 3.5mm jack headphone input. As an anecdote, we must mention that, curiously, Grundig has been good to include a physical shutdown button accessible at the rear. A bonus that never hurts.

In short, and in the physical section, Grundig has managed to maintain a beneficial balance between dispensing with daring designs and offering good finishes that prevent us from noticing that we are facing a cheaper TV. It feels robust, well built and anyone would say it is more expensive than it really is. Point in favor for the German firm.

It has the right and necessary but also an important Achilles heel

Grundig Vision 7 UHD TV, analysis: near-maximum balance 12

Let's begin to review the gross characteristics of this TV, and fortunately Grundig has not put too much scissors. To start we talk about a 58-inch LCD panel 4K UHD, that is, 3840 x 2160 pixels with support for HDR10 and HLG. We have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DVB-T2 / DVB-C / DVB-S2 tuners and a 32W power sound system.

Grundig Vision 7 UHD also includes Smart TV software, specifically SMART interactive TV with the Ultralogic 4K platform, which we will talk about later as this will be, more than likely, The only negative point we have found on the TV.

Grundig presumes that with this software we can access different apps that are essential for any consumer. Specifically YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, Foxxum, Netrange, ZEAS, Mirashare and a multimedia section.

Grundig Vision 7 UHD TV, analysis: near-maximum balance 13

We have done all kinds of tests with this TV, from watching content on Netflix to watching YouTube going through playing video games on it with different platforms. In short, we must speak in context with the price and the aspirations of this TV.

The overall experience has been more than satisfactory. While we don't find high-end technologies such as the LG NanoCell or the Samsung QLED, the 58-inch LCD panel does its job well enough. We are not facing a screen that makes you drop a "Wow!" when you turn it on, but as with the design, the Vision 7 UHD does not pretend that, but to function properly.

The viewing angles are good, the level of detail of the image (which we can configure in the settings) is sufficient and ultimately we will not find problems of any kind with this TV. We are not facing the definitive experience in terms of televisions, but anyone who acquires this Grundig TV will not be dissatisfied at all. Consuming multimedia as such is a satisfactory task with this TV, especially if you know how to take advantage of its HDR capability with content on Netflix.

Grundig Vision 7 UHD TV, analysis: near-maximum balance 14

Something very similar happens in the videogames section. We have done tests with a Nintendo Switch, a PS4 Pro and a desktop computer, and although here we find some additional small shadows, the experience remains solid. Here we find the classic 60 Hz to which we are so accustomed, so we will not see an increase in hertz as we see in higher-end televisions.

The image, again, is satisfactory; We found no problems of any kind and the HDR behaves very well, without erratic behavior. Again, we will not find a brutal experience but more than enough and worthy for all those who want to enjoy games in 4K or, failing that, with a good overall image quality.

Grundig Vision 7 UHD TV, analysis: near-maximum balance 15

In case you have a PS4 Pro and want the 4K to flood your quality eyes, we are very afraid that you will not find anything spectacular in the image quality. We have tested games that have excelled in the graphic section, such as Red Dead Redemption 2 and Horizon Zero Dawn. The conclusion is that while we do not find incorrect behavior, we are far from getting that "Wow" effect that we would get on other televisions.

Do not misunderstand us; Those who simply want a 4K TV to play your games without impacting the details will be pleasantly satisfied. But if on the contrary you are looking for a brutal image quality, that takes your video-video experience to the maximum, you may have to look elsewhere.

This Grundig TV meets a very clear premise: nothing of incredible displays, nothing of amazing image qualities in favor of a more balanced experience according to the price we are paying. It is not a bad decision; In the end there are few who want to dive into the range of enthusiasts and as a conclusion Grundig passes with high note the test that she has imposed herself: offer good benefits without the price being increased in excess.

Grundig Vision 7 UHD TV, analysis: near-maximum balance 16

But as a good Smart TV, it is equipped with software so that we can take the capabilities of our device a little further. The software is an important section; It determines our experience of use and can also expand or limit our use of it, offering us additional services and specific software functions.

This is the great Achilles heel of the Grundig Vision 7 UHD TV: its software. This has been broadly the only negative point of the whole device, since not only does it stay away from other software such as LG webOS, but That is not very functional.

The user interface is crude and too simplistic and the number of services we can access is limited to those already mentioned. We can not access more and knowing that the most used will be YouTube and Netflix, we think that this TV falls short in this section.

Grundig Vision 7 UHD TV, analysis: near-maximum balance 17

This is not limited only to the overall interface being rough, but its usability is quite simplistic. As we say we only have as a "Smart TV" a carousel with pre-installed apps, and the rest of the interface is based on quite limited settings menus that offer us very few configuration options beyond the obvious ones.

It's true that your main apps, YouTube and Netflix work decently (saving some occasions when, for reasons we don't know, they didn't start). But we have not found a menu to manage them, nor a store in which to download application updates and much less options than for a Smart TV we consider essential, as a store or an intuitive interface as we see on Android TV.

It is true that we have an update manager for the software of this TV, either via USB or via the Internet, but we have lacked that store like those found in other alternatives.

To this is added that the command It is not exactly the most comfortable we have tried. This falls within tastes, of course, but we have encountered some problems in this regard that we are about to relate.

The buttons are rough and in general the command has a lack of robustness that we noticed from the first minute. In addition, the buttons are distributed somewhat erratically. For example, the Smart TV button (the app carousel already mentioned) is small and has the symbol of an arroba, while buttons such as the menu or options occupy a central space in it.

Grundig Vision 7 UHD TV, analysis: near-maximum balance 18

For example, when we are in the carousel, it is necessary to exit with the "exit" button, but in other parts of the interface we must necessarily press the "back" button, something that in our opinion does not make much sense. On the other hand, we have found that the command has an answer something poor; more than once we have been forced to point directly to the LED of the TV to turn it on or repeatedly give it to a button in view of the fact that it did not react as it should.

Saving these details, the command does its job well but we will need some time to acclimatize. This point makes us angry because the overall experience with Grundig Vision 7 UHD is solid, sufficient and balanced. But the software seems to have been one of the points at which, in our opinion, Grundig should have made some additional effort.

Is this a good buy?

Grundig Vision 7 UHD TV, analysis: near-maximum balance 19

Contextualizing with the price, this Grundig TV is not a bad buy at all. It highlights its price knowing that it has 4K UHD, a large screen size and that it covers our needs. We can find it in Amazon to a price of 519 euros, which may vary depending on which store you look at.

Other large format televisions of other brands can easily cost 100 or 200 euros more; let's not forget that we are facing 58 inches, a large format panel designed for living rooms and large rooms. Therefore, we believe that this is a succulent price for those who want a good TV, nice and cheap in what it means to spend that money.

Grundig Vision 7 UHD TV, analysis: near-maximum balance 20

We could define this 58-inch Grundig TV as a product without compromise beyond the software. If you are a user who wants to watch a series on Netflix at the end of the day or enjoy his videos on YouTube Favorites (or throw a few games at the console), this TV will not disappoint you at all.

But we must know what we are buying and although we are facing a solid and balanced option, we are not paying the price that would open the doors to better software or a much more "shocking" user experience. If you are that type of user, an enthusiast who wants the best, maybe you should keep looking, but this does not mean that Grundig has managed to offer something, as the saying goes, well, beautiful and "cheap".

Buy your 58-inch Grundig TV here at Amazon.

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