Netflix produces its own content with which it strengthens against its competitors that, despite doing the same, do not have such a characteristic seal (with permission from HBO). The streaming platforms, with this movement, differentiate their programming and create exclusive spaces attractive to the user who is forced to hire him to consume it. Well, the production of content, it seems, is no longer going to be exclusive to those platforms but now applications, at first, as far from the subject as Tinder are aimed at the car.


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Tinder series? Of course

In early October, according to rumors released by specialists, the Tinder dating application will offer a series of original videos, produced by the application, of six parts in which the ‘swipe’ or swipe function will be used to choose a partner. The series will be set in an environment of imminent end of the world and the user must choose with whom they will spend their last night accepting or discarding with a finger gesture, just as they already do to choose a partner within the application. The series has been directed by Karena Evans, a new figure in the television production but with experience thanks to the direction of music videos of stars like Drake.

Will the user take advantage of watching the series and participating in its curious mechanism? That's right: Tinder will use the algorithm that is created from the user's decisions to "recommend" men or women who correspond more to their tastes. A new use of Artificial Intelligence beyond facial recognition or imaging or robotics.

Tinder has not made any comment on whether this serious will eventually come to light or remain in the drawer of forgetfulness as a project that could have been and never was. If it opens and becomes a success, surely Tinder would be encouraged to continue producing series similar that attract new users, interested in knowing what is that of the new Tinder series, or strengthen the users that already have.

Via | Engadget

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