Guide to using fingerprint movements on non-root OREO devices


Right now, almost all smartphones are equipped with fingerprint gestures. But if you have an old smartphone user and will use any stock oreo firmware or any custom oreo ROM then you should try the Fingerprint Gestures feature on your device. Today we share instructions for using Fingerprint Gestures on any Android device. This app is used on both rooted and unrooted devices.


You can use the fingerprint scanner to go up and down Quick Settings / Notifications, turn the flashlight on / off, switch split screens, and many more actions. Everything will be done through a simple application that you can find in the Play Store. Every action can be done through every gliding motion.

Thanks for "AnkitChowdhury"To build this application. We found this thread on the XDA forum and want to share it on our blog. This app requires Android 8.0 Oreo or a newer running device for work and the device must have a fingerprint sensor to use it. This app is free without ads. So that everyone can use it freely. So let's go to the features and instructions for using Fingerprint Movement.

Fingerprint gestures for all Android functions:

Supported fingerprint movements:

  • Swipe up, left, down, right.
  • Double slide up, slide left, slide down, slide right.

Supported actions:

  • Alternation notification
  • Launch application
  • Scroll up and down screens
  • return
  • Start
  • Show the latest apps
  • Open it Google Assistant
  • Open the notification panel
  • Play / pause the song
  • Previous song
  • Next song
  • Show Power Dialog Box
  • Toggle split screen
  • Show quick settings
  • Turn on the flashlight
  • Brightness + and –
  • Audio + volume and volume –
  • Toggle auto brightness
  • Maximum and minimum brightness
  • And much more.

You can find Fingerprint Action Pro:

Fingerprint Action Pro Fingerprint Action Pro to download QR code Fingerprint Action Pro Developer: Ankit Chowdhury Price: Free +

Use fingerprint movements on any OREO device

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