Gustavo Elis releases new single with Tommy Boysen

by Kelvin
Gustavo Elis releases new single with Tommy Boysen

Image result for Gustavo Elis duo tommyThe union between the artists seeks to open the way for them internationally / Courtesy: Chilean Agenda

Notitarde.- The new musical proposal of the Venezuelan singer, Gustavo Elis, is loaded with good music and international collaborations with the single "How I did it".

Likewise, this time the Creole joins his voice to the singer of Chilean origin, Tommy Boysen, in a theme full of urban rhythms.


Simple promising

"As I did", has the production of Tommy Boysen and is written by Gustavo Elis and Loiniel Pacheco. This collaboration arises with a view to enhancing the career of both urban artists internationally.

In addition, it has an audiovisual directed by Anthony Millán, which was recorded at the facilities of the Simón Bolívar University of Caracas.

Finally, the theme can already be seen on all musical platforms and has millions of reproductions in YouTube just days from its premiere.

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