'GWENT', the card game of 'The Witcher', already has an arrival date to iOS: October 29

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'GWENT', the card game of 'The Witcher', already has an arrival date to iOS: October 29

'The Witcher III' is one of the most critically acclaimed video games and players. CD Projekt Red did an excellent job with its open world title characterized by its history, its side missions and that mini-card game called 'GWENT' that became so popular. So much, that it was launched as an independent game and with the promise of taking it to iOS and Android.

CD Projekt Red announced at the end of March that 'GWENT' would arrive at iOS at the end of the year and Android later. Nothing is known about the Android date, but the game will land on iOS on October 29. If you want to be the first to know when it is available, you can go to the App Store and book it now.


4K and cross-save textures

For those who do not know 'GWENT', say that it is like 'Hearthstone' or 'Magic: The Gathering'. It is a multiplayer card game in which we will have to create our own deck, think each play carefully and develop a strategy that allows us to win. Each card has some defense and attack, as well as special abilities.

They comment from the developer that the mobile version of 'GWENT' will have cross-save. What is this? That using a GOG account you can synchronize the mobile with the computer and save the progress regardless of the platform on which you play. It is very similar to what we can see in other games like 'Pokémon GO', for example, with the proviso that it is only available on mobile.

'GWENT' will not be precisely light: it will weigh 2.6 GB

CD Projekt Red wants to bet heavily on graphics, so they have confirmed that the most powerful iOS devices will be able to access 4K textures. They do not specify the models, but seeing the potential of the new A13 Bionic, they can be expected to refer to the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

As for compatibility, 'GWENT' will be available for all iPhone models from iPhone 6 onwards, as well as for iPad Mini 4 or higher, iPad Air 2 or higher and all iPad Pro. It will be completely free, it will be financed by microtransactions and it will not be precisely light: 2.6 GB. If you are interested, you can book it now on the App Store.

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