Hackers Threaten Trump, Claim $ 42 Million

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Hackers Threaten Trump, Claim $ 42 Million
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Hacking of the law firm Grubman Shire Meiselas & Sacks: the sequel. After attempts to intimidate song and film stars, the hackers behind the cyber attack chose to aim higher. They now threaten the American president to reveal compromising information and demand a record sum against their silence.

Last week, the prestigious American law firm Grubman Shire Meiselas & Sacks was the victim of a major computer attack. The authors, belonging to the REvil group, then claimed to be in possession of 756 GB of confidential data which they threatened to publish or to resell.

A ransom doubled in a few days

If we did not know, originally, the amount of the ransom demanded, it was finally set at $ 21 million (about 19.35 million euros), at first. In order to prove the seriousness of the request, the hackers published extracts from the stolen documents, concerning two famous artists: first Madonna, then Lady Gaga.

The law firm then sought help from the FBI, which advised the company not to pay the amount claimed. The police considered that the payment of the money did not guarantee the erasure of the stolen data. In addition, they are said to have qualified the cyber attack as an act of terrorism. Terms that would not have pleased the REvil group, which decided to double the amount requested, reaching a new record in this type of business: $ 42 million (about 38.7 million euros).

Donald Trump’s “”

And the pirates also took the opportunity to build up the pressure. They claimed to have gathered “” about Donald Trump and threatened the American president to make embarrassing revelations. However, according to the law firm, the head of state is not among his clients …


Believing not to be taken seriously, the hackers then began to carry out their threat, by publishing 169 mails mentioning the name of the president of the United States. Communications which however contain nothing compromising or truly confidential … But the authors of the revelation had warned: these were only “”.

Do they really have information that could jeopardize the re-election of Donald Trump? Impossible to be sure. The answer could nevertheless intervene quickly, cybercriminals indicating wanting to gradually auction off the stolen data in the coming weeks.

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