Hairy mammoths, Italian hand movements, and trans flags are …

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Something important is happening this week …


Yes, extinct animals are finally respected by the Unicode Consortium, the organization responsible for choosing new emojis that land on their messaging app every year.

As the ongoing mission to eradicate the boring old words continues, a total of 62 new symbols have been proposed (117 after entering various sexes and skin color variants) for 2020.

We thought about writing a full review for everyone, but decided we'd better head over to the Emoji v13.0 Unicode announcement if you want to see it all.

Read on for more complete updates.

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Come on, give us the highlights

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As mentioned, famous creatures that unfortunately are no longer with us deserve to be added to the library. So now you can launch dodo emojis in your nightly conversation about trivial birds that don't fly. Furry mammoths can also enter.

Animals that have still been injured include polar bears, bison, and seals that look very happy.

We also get the anatomy of the heart and lungs from the emojis, a skin-colored ninja, the people hugging each other, the stones (!) And the very tight Italian finger movements. Think that Gattuso does not agree with the referee brandishing a yellow card and you are on the right track. We are also big fans of new costumed emojis.

It's nice to see the transgender flag added, after criticism that it didn't exist in the 2019 election. Gender inclusion is clearly a priority for Unicode. Another example is the people in tux emoji, who are now female or non-binary, as well as male.

What about the worms?

Yes, the worm is there now. And about time too.

When can I get it?

The selection process for new emojis is a long process, but now, once finalized, they will ship and possibly launch (perhaps with minor changes) in the second half of this year, usually around September / October.

Image credit: Emojipedia

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