Halftone 2 – App of the Week on iTunes

by Kelvin
Halftone 2 - App of the Week on iTunes 1

Apple give the Halftone 2 app for iPhone and iPad

For one week Apple give through the App Store, the app store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, the app to design your own comics Halftone 2. Know all the features of this application and download it below.

Halftone 2 - App of the Week on iTunes 2

What is Halftone 2 for iOS devices?

Halftone 2 facilitates the creation of comics and scrapbooks with your images. Choose a page layout, apply photo filters, include captions, add dialogs and balloons, enter some WHAM, BAM and POW, mix sound effects and share your creation as an image, multipage document or high definition video.
There is no faster or more fun way to share your stories.


With this application you can enjoy the following features:

  • Legends and balloons: more than 30 exclusive styles of legends and balloons (speech bubbles, thought balloons, banners, scrolls and more). The powerful 3D perspective allows you to tip balloons and legends. Six professional comic sources (in addition to all of your device). Optional parallel shadows with configurable color, location and blur add depth. You can add custom fonts by opening a TrueType (TTF) or OpenType (OTF) font in Halftone 2. Ability to add multicolored contours to the text.
  • Seals: More than 80 graphic forms of professional design, such as WHAM, BAM and POW. The optional integrated purchase of the “Action Package” adds more than 50 additional stamps made by the Blambot design company. Custom stamp functionality allows you to add your own images (with support for alpha channels). The powerful 3D perspective allows you to tilt the legends and make them more dynamic.
  • Photographic panels: You can import photos directly from the gallery, Facebook and Flickr. Full control of the scale and rotation of each photograph. The Juicy Bits “Cartoons” filter turns your photographs into comic-style artworks. Aviary's extensive photo editing tools include automatic enhancements, effect filters, brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, red eyes, bleaching, stain removal and selective focus.
  • Page options: Choose from more than 30 multi-photo page designs. Each page can include its own background color, gradient or texture (including more than 30 textures). The optional page blending mode simulates the interaction of ink with paper.

  • Video: The video is exported in high definition at 720p and can be saved on the reel for later use or sent directly to Facebook, Dropbox or other compatible applications (such as iMovie). 50 licensed sound effects are included, which can be assigned to each photographic panel. The integrated “Sound Package” purchase adds 50 sound effects, including grunts, crashes, instruments, vehicles, ambient sound and more. Each panel has a customizable transition that controls the input speed and movement of the virtual camera. It is possible to add an optional soundtrack by choosing a song from the library
    • The exclusive “automatic adjustment” functionality automatically shortens or lengthens the video to adjust it to the duration of the soundtrack.
  • Edition: The document library allows you to create, save, copy and work with multiple projects. Balloons, stamps and legends can be hooked on the margins of a photographic panel. It includes a link to an expanded list of video tutorials.
  • Exit and share: Output formats include image (JPG), PDF, CBZ and video (MP4). The output can be shared via email, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox, Weibo and instant message (MMS), saved in the photo album, copied to the clipboard, sent to another application and printed on printers compatible with AirPrint. All elements of the page are rendered as vectors for maximum quality output. Optional half-tone image processing with configurable dot size, opacity and gain gives the photographs an authentic comic look

Download Halftone 2 from the App Store

If you don't have this yet application to make comics from the iPhone and iPad, you can install it through the direct download link, from the App Store, which you will find below.

Halftone 2 – Creator of comic books is in the App Store, requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone and iPad. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It is available in the following languages: Spanish, German, Simplified Chinese, French, English, Italian, Japanese.

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