Halloween Applications and Games for iPhone and iPad

by Kelvin

Best games and applications to enjoy Halloween with the iPhone and iPad

Halloween is just around the corner and you are probably preparing to celebrate this holiday, which is a tradition in the United States that has spread throughout the world. While that day arrives you can not stop enjoying the best Halloween apps and games for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Halloween Applications and Games for iPhone and iPad 3

Below you will find the best applications and games, both free and paid, that cannot be missing on your iOS device (iPhone, iPad) If you don't want to stop enjoying all the magic of Halloween before and after the most famous Halloween.


The Room Pocket

The Room is an interactive puzzle wrapped in a mystery game, all within a wonderful 3D touch stage.

GHOST TRICK: Phantom Detective

It is an interactive mystery game that will catch you through an intriguing story which takes place in a sordid corner of the city, where a lonely bullet rips your life, but it is not the only thing that takes you away. When you wake up become spirit, you realize that you don't remember who you are. This is how your search begins to find the answers to these questions: "Who am I?", "Who killed me?" And "Why did he do it?" You only have one night to answer all these questions, before your soul fades with the first rays of dawn.

Dead space

With a brutal gaming experience and a meticulous sound environment, you will be able to delve into the events that triggered the new horde of necromorphs and laid the foundations for the terrifying story of Dead Space 2.


Without knowing the fate of his sister, a boy enters LIMBO. Immerse yourself with him in a mysterious story that will take you throughout this game that takes place in the shadows.

Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery

The swamp, the roar of 1920. A supernatural secret. Enter Dark Manor, where ghostly armies will help you find your way. Beautify your manor and explore the scenes full of creepy hidden objects … if you dare.

Year Walk

In ancient times man tried to see the future in the strangest ways. Experience the ancient Swedish phenomenon of walking through the years through a different type of first-person adventure that blurs the line between the two and three dimensions and between reality and the supernatural. Venture into the dark forests where strange creatures roam in a vision set in 19th-century Sweden. Solve cryptic puzzles, play and listen in your quest to anticipate the future and finally discover if the love of your life will return.

Dark meadow

A sinister tale of intrigue and mystery in which you have to pay for the sins of the past … That is the scene of The Dark Meadow, a visually amazing world of incredible discoveries, exciting stories and heart attack, created with the incomparable power of Unreal Engine 3

The Simpsons: Springfield

The Treehouse of Terror update has arrived, and it is not of this world! The aliens have arrived in Springfield wanting war! Reveal your plan and save our city! At least until the government discovers and covers everything again.

Draw Something

Play the free version of Draw Something, the most famous social game of guessing drawings from the App Store that has more than 7 billion drawings made. Discover the hilarious game that is on everyone's lips! Now enjoy the special Halloween version.

Frozen Free Fall

Get ready for an epic puzzle-shaped experience in the kingdom of Arendelle. In this free adventure inspired by the latest Disney animated film, Frozen. The Kingdom of Ice, you will accompany Anna, Elsa, and the rest of your favorite characters in their adventures. Help them slide and solve hundreds of ice puzzles.

Crazy Taxi City Rush – Hulk Takeover

The MACHACAMONSTRUOS Halloween and Hulkmania moment is here. With this special edition you can enjoy "Trick or Treat" with Crazy Taxi and Hulk Hogan, take care of the zombies in the enchanted streets of Bay City, customize your taxi with frightening skulls and abominable self-adhesive, hire Hulk Hogan Halloween and the business you It will also be scary, you can also record and share videos of your games to qualify for prizes signed by the real Hulk Hogan.

Fruit ninja

Fruit Ninja celebrates the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters with a spectacular Halloween event. The entire gang is equipped with protons, ectogafas and the legendary Ghostbusters equipment, ready to face a new and spooky adventure.

FarmVille 2: Rural getaway

With the new FarmVille optimized for mobile you will enjoy a new gaming experience tailored for you to enjoy it wherever and whenever you want. And best of all, it's free. Also, have fun with the new event, the Halloween Festival, where you can get all the costumes to give your farm a terrifying look and get an exclusive black cat.

club Penguin

In the virtual world of Club Penguin players can explore the island, customize their penguin, buy clothes and accessories, attend parties, have fun at games, take care of pets, decorate igloos and hang out with their friends. Now you can customize your characters and your entire environment with Halloween decoration and costumes.

Do you like halloween Are you going to celebrate it? What character will you represent in this party that is becoming a worldwide tradition? What is your Favorite Halloween game or app for iPhone and iPad?

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