Halo Infinite could have a game component as a service

by Kelvin
Halo Infinite could have a game component as a service

Halo Infinite It is one of the most important bets of the Microsoft games division, to such an extent that this game will be one of the Project Scarlett launch standards. Also, the new Halo will fully reflect the perspective that 343 Industries has of the franchise. However, it is also true that the game will have to respond to certain current demands and plans in certain areas are already taking shape.

According to a report by Gamepot, a vacancy published by 343 Industries has revealed interesting information about the plans they have for Halo Infinite after its launch, which is scheduled for the holiday season of 2020. In that sense, the team and the Microsoft games division are looking for a live service manager whose responsibility will be to keep the community hooked with Halo Infinite after his debut, which includes the development of experiences that motivate the community, as well as strategies that focus on the player and allow him to express his passion for the game. Around this last point, the vacancy refers to the following line: "including, but not limited to microtransactions".


Also, another of the responsibilities that the person in charge of this area will have, and that allows to see the plans that Halo Infinite In terms of its post-launch stage, it refers: "being able to adapt to the changing business and community needs of being a live service".

Recently, the development process of Halo Infinite He was involved in controversy after the departure of the creative director was announced, which represented a strange move just over a year after the game debuted.

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