(Hands-on) Galaxy Note 10+: Samsung really learned the lesson!

by Kelvin

(Hands-On) Samsung Galaxy Note 10+: Even better than the S10 + !? – If you read my analysis of the Galaxy S10 +, and later compared to its big rival Huawei P30 Pro. You must have realized that I was surrendered to what Samsung launched last February.

Above all, it was for me a complete breath of fresh air, combining top-of-the-range hardware, with a software experience unlike any other in the Samsung world. Galaxy.


(Hands-on) Galaxy Note  10+: Samsung really learned the lesson! 2

By the way, that completely redesigned interface from Samsung (OneUI) is in my opinion the great rival of the Mate 30 Pro to be released next September.

But let's talk a little bit about the new Galaxy Note 10+ that Samsung submitted on August 7th. And that finally reached my hands hungry for new technology today

First, as soon as I had the opportunity to pick up the device, the Galaxy S10 + impressed by its build quality and lightness. However, the Note 10+ has managed to elevate this sensation to a whole new level.

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That is, unlike a number of premium devices I've had the opportunity to try. Samsung's top of the range by early 2019, could pass the quality feeling, weighing significantly less than the competition. Something that impressed me a lot at the time, and that impresses me even more now, since the Note 10+ took this feeling, and raised it a little higher on the 'WoW' scale.

In my opinion, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is probably the most enjoyable device to take out of the box. Such is its presence, and astonishment factor that offers to those who see and touch the latest toy of the South Korean giant.

But of course it is… Glad that is so, after all we are talking about one of the smartphones most expensive brand ever. (Check out the care I took when transporting the machines)

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Samsung has decided to make a strategy change!

But there is something else that has to be said… Interestingly, At the end of last year, I talked a little about Samsung's release schedule. But I spoke especially about the way Huawei studied this same calendar, and arranged a way to 'cancel' it.

After all, historically, Samsung launched a high-end smartphone earlier this year, equipping it with the latest technologies at the time, namely SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon for the US market and SoC Exynos for the rest of the world.

And there it is, this is where Huawei discovered the weakness of the strategy!

It's just that 6 months after the launch of Galaxy S of a certain year, there came Samsung with its new Note, which as you may know, came with the exact same SoC as its previous high end.

Here Huawei realized that it could launch new technologies to fight a historically dominant company in the market. From a slightly more advantageous position. However, it seems the joke is over… And the Note 10 of 2019 is proof of that.

This is because the Note 10 leaves the Exynos 9820's Galaxy S10 aside, betting on an Exynos 9825 which although not much different, has some improvements in performance and efficiency.

The problem of Galaxy S10 was never its fluidity or speed in opening and running applications. However, it is undoubtedly a sign that Samsung is doing its homework. And clearly not intending to give up his throne as soon as that. By the way, it's a great way to also fight on equal terms with Apple, which also launches in summer time its new iPhone with a new SoC ‘made by Apple’

So what about the cameras?

The quality of the cameras of the Galaxy S10 was already quite good. However, over the 6 months since the launch of the handset, Samsung has made many good improvements. In addition, with the Note 10+ we also welcome a ToF lens, so the performance should be a little better than what we saw in the old high end.

I leave you a sniff of what the phone is capable of:


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For now, I do not have much to say about the Note 10+. So I just wanted to leave these lines to make my current opinion clear. I will test the device thoroughly, to realize after all what is worth the new offer from Samsung. And above all realize whether or not it is worth exchanging the excellent S10 + for this new Note.

However, if you have any questions, or have any more specific questions. Contact us in the comments box below.

Remember that you can pre-order the Note 10 and Note 10+, with a chance to resume the case. Click here to learn more.

Besides, what do you think about all this? Share with us your opinion in the comments below.

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