Happy Monday: The best alarm clock apps for Android

by Kelvin
Happy Monday: The best alarm clock apps for Android

If this Monday has cost you wake up and you do not get used to September, today we have the solution. We bring some of the best alarm clock apps with which yes or yes you will have to wake up every morning. Android applications that will be more than just alama and that will help you get up every morning.

If yours is not early, take note of some of the mBest options for sleepers. You will have to turn, get up, take pictures or even solve equations.

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Lift and hit. Shake-IT is an application with which you will not only have to wake up but also you will have to wake up the animal that appears on the screen. An application with a very funny and adorable interface in which you will have to shake the phone or hit the screen to get the creature in it to wake up. The effort you will make will make both you and the gorilla on the screen wake up. In addition, it is a good option if you want to start venting. It has all kinds of options to set volume, alarm, music.

Shake itShake it

Another of the best options and best alarm clock apps is SpinME although not available for those with ease to get dizzy. The alarm will only shut up when you get out of bed and You start spinning Use the phone's sensors to detect that you have really risen and are circling. It is perhaps not the best awakening we can think of but if you don't find a way to get up early, see how you avoid doing it with this application.

Spin itSpin it

Another option for those who need to get out of bed and go through the house to wake up completely. Alarmy will be stricter than your mother when she woke you up to go to high school. You will have a lot of available modes to get you going: by barcodes, by mathematical exercises, by photographs … The latter is the most useful, without a doubt. Register an image of something from your home (like the coffee maker or shower) and you will have to photograph that object or that area of ​​the house every morning to get the alarm to shut down. This will force you to get out of bed yes or yes.

If you want to wake up in a good mood, this is possibly the best option. An adorable and very funny interface and has different types of alarm clock. There are characters, animations and graphics that make it one of our favorites. And what will you have to do? There are several different modes and jYou will have to complete to wake up. You can choose the time and day of the alarm and the game you will have to play. There are many options and it is usually updated with news so you never get bored.

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