Haptic Touch on iPhone SE does not work on notifications

by Kelvin

It’s been 2 weeks nowApple presented their iPhone SE. The latter has enjoyed great success with consumers. It must be said that it has everything to please with its 4.7-inch LCD screen, the Touch ID (which has disappeared on more recent models in favor of Face ID) as well as the powerful A13 Bionic chip.

For less than 500 euros, this iPhone SE is really a very successful product, however, it does not offer everything that its big brother offers the iPhone 11. If the iPhone SE has many interesting options, such as wireless charging , IP67 waterproofing and portrait mode on the front and rear cameras, it also incorporates the Haptic Touch function.

This function is present on the application icons, the links, and others, but not on the notifications. With iOS 13, if your iPhone has Haptic Touch, you can use this feature to preview the notification without opening it directly. However, this option does not exist on the iPhone SE. If you long press on a notification you will see that nothing happens.


It doesn’t seem like a bug, but rather a decision on the part ofApple. There is still a solution to try to work around this problem. Just swipe the notification to the left and then press the “Display” command. Using this technique, the notification will still display a preview in the same way as with Haptic Touch. You can also take advantage of the same quick actions to respond, react and more.

We cannot explain why Apple has made this decision, an update may be deployed in the coming weeks. In the meantime, the iPhone SE remains a great smartphone and very inexpensive. You can find it at the best price thanks to our real-time comparator.

Apple iPhone SE 2020 64 GB

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