HarmonyOS vs Android, Claro Flex vs TIM Beta, Disney vs Netflix and more | TC plant

by Kelvin

HarmonyOS vs Android, Claro Flex vs TIM Beta, Disney vs Netflix and more | TC plant 11

The time has come for another edition of On-Call TC, where we split up the top news from last week so you can stay on top of all the important stuff in one place. Issue 9 came out a little early because of next Sunday's holiday, but with all the news we've had in the last few days it's good to be able to comment on everything as soon as possible.

As highlights we have the official announcement of HarmonyOS, which aims to replace Android in Huawei products, in addition to the release of new Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus, of the new Claro Flex plan that rocked Tim Beta users, radiation studies to understand the lives of astronauts on Mars and Disney's big package to take down Netflix and Amazon Prime Video


Did you miss all this during the week? So get a summary below!

Motorola One Action and One Zoom near launch

HarmonyOS vs Android, Claro Flex vs TIM Beta, Disney vs Netflix and more | TC plant 12

Motorola One Action is closer than expected to be announced, at least according to Amazon from Germany who ran his ad “unintentionally”. With that, virtually all information about him was released, reinforcing what we had seen in several rumors in recent weeks.

Estimated to be released on September 13, One Action would come as a triple-camera version of the well-known One Vision, bringing nearly identical specifications and design. Its launch price would be 300 euros.

Who should bring even some important changes is the One Zoom, called in previous rumors of One Pro. As the name already says, the differential would be the ability to zoom in 5 times thanks to the hybrid zoom, being found four rear cameras.

Unlike One Vision and One Action, the Zoom variant should come with a Qualcomm chip, with the same Snapdragon 675 being chosen. Galaxy A70 His presentation should be later in October, with a speculated price of 430 euros.

Claro reformulates Flex plan

HarmonyOS vs Android, Claro Flex vs TIM Beta, Disney vs Netflix and more | TC plant 13

Tim Beta customers were heartbroken this week with the redesign of the Claro Flex plans and are now offered options with 8 or 10 GB of internet for $ 40 or $ 50 respectively.

As if the price no longer offered enough appeal to the franchise offered, we still have several zero-rating apps and services, ranging from social networks like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter even mobility options like Waze, Cabify and Easy.

Big question for Tim customers should be the absence of free music streaming for the franchise, as in the case of Tim Beta we have Deezer Premium.

Privatization of the increasingly close Post Office

HarmonyOS vs Android, Claro Flex vs TIM Beta, Disney vs Netflix and more | TC plant 14

The privatization of the Post Office was again commented by President Jair Bolsonaro during the week, being told by him at an event in São Paulo that the process “is necessary to unlock the life of the Brazilian population, which still has a high dependence on the delivery service. country standard ”.

No details were given on the terms for privatization or when this would happen, but reports from the domestic industry indicate that Amazon and Alibaba, owner of AliExpress, are mainly interested in buying the post office.

Huawei announces HarmonyOS at developer conference

HarmonyOS vs Android, Claro Flex vs TIM Beta, Disney vs Netflix and more | TC plant 15

After many rumors and controversial statements over the China-US trade war in which it was involved, Huawei announced at its developer conference HarmonyOS, the final name of the operating system that could replace Android on its devices in the future.

The platform can be used not only in smartphones like on tablets and IoT devices. Remember that HarmonyOS is not exactly new, being present in Honor Smart TV's as a way to centralize the control of connected houses.

Not much practical detail has been given about the operating system, even because it is a developer event, but according to Huawei CEO we can expect low latency, open source and compiler to support all major programming languages ​​on the market, trying to bring HarmonyOS to the largest number of devices and make life easier for anyone who wants to port their apps.

The release is scheduled for 2021, already in version 3.0 of the platform, being said that the big asset will be the possibility to migrate almost any Android device to HarmonyOS in just 1 or 2 days, which means that the Chinese will have a plan B in case of a new US embargo.

Mars radiation could drive astronauts crazy

HarmonyOS vs Android, Claro Flex vs TIM Beta, Disney vs Netflix and more | TC plant 16

The dream of colonizing other planets is nothing new and a recurring subject of science fiction films around the world. The reality, however, can be far more complicated than overproduction makes it seem, as new studies based on the radiation found on the surface of Mars show that the lives of astronauts on a simple visit to the red planet will not be easy.

The experiment concluded that 1 out of every 5 astronauts sent on the mission would suffer from severe anxiety, decision-making, and other disorders involving physiological changes in the brain, putting the entire journey and the lives of those involved at risk.

As manned missions to Mars are still a little while away, all we have to do is hope that all environmental problems are addressed and overcome there.

Disney announces package to topple Netflix and Amazon Prime video

HarmonyOS vs Android, Claro Flex vs TIM Beta, Disney vs Netflix and more | TC plant 17

Netflix and Amazon Prime Video may have a hard time soon, at least as far as Disney depends.

This week Mickey's house presented a package related to Disney Plus, its streaming service, where the user will only have to pay $ 13 to have a package that includes Disney Plus itself, as well as ESPN Plus and Hulu. A huge range of entertainment options.

Just to be aware, Disney Plus only costs $ 7 if you sign up separately, while Hulu costs another $ 6 for the advertising plan, meaning ESPN Plus would be free. We have no price or deadline for launching Disney Plus in Brazil yet.

Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus Announced

HarmonyOS vs Android, Claro Flex vs TIM Beta, Disney vs Netflix and more | TC plant 18

Samsung finally introduced the new Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus. For the first time with two versions in its top line, which are divided into four variants because of markets where the 5G is still a distant dream, we had some major design changes, causing Samsung to enlarge the screen without transforming the devices. on tablets. And we have a centralized hole that makes them very different from the line Galaxy S10.

Speaking of accessories, the Galaxy Note 10 Plus supports up to 45W, but comes with a 25W charger in the box, forcing anyone wanting a charge as fast as Chinese rivals to buy the accessory separately. And if you enjoy virtual reality, don't use Gear VR, because the new gadgets are not compatible.

What's more, the specs haven't changed much, as have the cameras, and we have some points that might disappoint, such as the smaller version's battery with just 3,500 mAh, not-so-cool storage capacities, and the P2 headset connector that was removed, on the grounds that this allowed to add 100mAh more battery.

At least Samsung has acknowledged that its attitude should not take anything well, and has removed videos from its channels on YouTube where he used to Apple precisely because of iPhones without a P2 port. Yeah, nothing like day after day.

Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus will hit the international market on August 23, with prices starting at $ 949 for the Note 10 4G and can reach $ 1,300 in the 5G Plus version, all with 256 GB of storage. No date or price in Brazil yet.

Samsung and AMD working on new chips

HarmonyOS vs Android, Claro Flex vs TIM Beta, Disney vs Netflix and more | TC plant 19

A big point of criticism in smartphones from Samsung with Exynos, especially in the line Galaxy Where we have a direct comparison with Qualcomm's most powerful chip, is the graphics performance. Perhaps that is why it is not from today that we see rumors about Samsung using a self-developed GPU in its chipset line, making it finally independent of ARM's Mali cards.

And after a lot of mismatched information, we finally have something official about the case, as Samsung announced a partnership with AMD over the week to design the graphics card for future chipsets, which is expected to launch the first new products by 2021.

With an investment of close to $ 100 million in 2019 alone, Samsung expects to leave behind once and for all the difference in graphics performance of its Exynos chips against Qualcomm and its competitors. Apple, and further extend the distance to the Huawei Kirin.

No details have yet been given on how the partnership will work, but something like Apple and Imagination do with the proprietary GPUs of iPhones and iPads.

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