Harry Potter Wizards Unite Release Date


Niantic revealed the release date of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, an AR game in the known universe of the popular book and movie series.


Harry Potter: Unite Wizards will be released the day after tomorrow.

We finally have the release date for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, a mobile game from the developers Pokemon gothat uses augmented reality technology. Niantic Studio I have announced that The game will debut this Friday, June 21.

Harry Potter: Unite Magicians It will be released simultaneously for iOS and Android. Both gaming platforms will use a free payment model with micro transactions.


  1. Developer: Niantic
  2. Editor: Portkey game
  3. Stream: Action and adventure game
  4. Platform: iOS and
  5. Release date: June 21, 2019

The fact that Niantic only gives a release date shows that on June 21 the game will debut in all regions. That's different for Pokemon go , which makes Europeans wait one more week for their version.

Harry Potter: Unite MagiciansThe test begins in New Zealand in May, in what is called a soft pitch. Thanks to this, we learned what the micrometric transaction system will look like in the game, although the details may be changed in the full edition.

Many players have high production expectations. Released last year, Harry Potter: Hogwart's Mystery was a huge disappointment and fans of the franchise were confident United witch to change the waves there are good opportunities for that like Pokemon go Y Entry It has shown that Niantic knows how to make a noteworthy title.

  1. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite official web site

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