Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will track your activity even if the application does not run 3The players of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite they have had it, no doubt, much more complicated than those of the already legendary Pokémon GO. As you know, synchronizing the activity that is carried out with the game is essential to achieve certain objectives, such as unlocking Portmanteaus or reaching others that are based on distance. This is an option that is available in the Pokémon Go game.


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The application, in the case of Harry Potter fans, has to be in permanent operation, so that the system can monitor the activity that the player is carrying out. And for this, users are forced to keep the application on, with the consequent battery discharge that this necessarily entails.

In any case, it seems that things will change, and much, for the most fans of this video game. And, like Pokémon GO, those responsible for this application, which are nothing more and nothing less than Niantic, seem convinced that it is necessary to link the monitoring of the activity of the phone with the achievements that are being assumed in the game.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will track your activity even if the application does not run 4Sincroaventura will come to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

The system that is responsible for making this correlation is Sincroaventura. The fact is, there are some reports that suggest that Niantic has sent some users emails promising that, in effect, this option will arrive sometime, perhaps sooner rather than later.

If we look at how this option works in Pokémon GO, we will realize that the tool is available to both users of Android (through Google Fit) as for iOS (through iHealth). However, we must be patient and wait to see how Niantic intends to do so in the case of Harry Potter. Wizards Unite.

Will this integration be beneficial for Wizards Unite?

The truth is that if this idea materialized, the users of the video game would win, but without a doubt, also those responsible. And, if Wizards Unite has a system that allows them to synchronize phone activity with the game, users would see their goals achieved much earlier and therefore, they could move much faster in the game. Which would certainly encourage them to move on.

And this could also promote good practices, such as sports: a race, a gym session or a long walk could count towards achieving your goals. And while it will cost to reach the levels of success obtained by Pokémon GO, it is clear that This integration would help, and much, to reach new levels of success.

About its long release there is still no accurate information. It is true that information has appeared that would confirm this integration, but it is not clear when Niantic Labs will be encouraged to launch Sincroaventura in the game. Be that as it may, we will have to be cautious and wait, both for its premiere and official confirmation, as for its deployment. That will surely be gradual for the two main operating systems (iOS and Android), although it would not be strange that the integration will take place first in one version and then in another. We will continue to inform.

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