Harry Potter: Wizards United Adventure Sync will be here to save battery


Although it may not charge the same large amount as Pokemon GO, the third game from Niantic Labs, it still gathers loyal fans, especially among the wizards hiding among Muggles. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has a good number of players who will do their best to match the Foundables of Confoundables and return them to their correct place. If they don't run out of battery because the game should always be in the foreground. Soon, Sync will never be so adventure landed in the game.

Adventure Sync is a feature that was introduced in Pokemon GO a few months ago to overcome the same problem. Part of the game mechanics is required to calculate user steps, for example hatching eggs. The problem is that the application only counts the steps when it runs in the foreground, i.e. the active application. In other words, it depletes the cell phone battery.


Adventure Sync Touchez Android and iOS frameworks to count the steps, a.k.a. its physical characteristics, to do the calculations even when Pokemon GO is not running. When the game starts, it will sync with Google Fit Android and iOS HealthKit Android to calculate the above steps towards hatching eggs, saving a lot of battery for the user.

The same mechanic present in Wizards United is used for Portmanteaus which contains Portkey instead of Eggs, but Adventure Sync is unfortunately not available for the game. Disguised witches have yet to use old-fashioned non-magical methods to keep the game open while walking or touring and hope their batteries have enough juice to keep them on for Muggle tasks.

According to emails sent to multiple players, but not all, Adventure Sync is coming to Harry Potter: Wizards United soon. But when that happens, it is an unsolved mystery. Until then, prepare the portable battery.

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