Has a contact blocked you on WhatsApp? So you can send a message

by Kelvin
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It is possible that for some reason it is known or not, a contact you have in the instant messaging service Whatsapp He has decided to block you. Therefore, at first you can think that it is not possible to send anything while this is so … But, the truth is that it is possible to skip all this in a much simpler way than you think.

One of the things that surprise us about the development we are talking about, which has long been bought by Facebook, is that no notice is received upon receiving the blockade by any contact … so you can think that everything remains the same. But, the truth is that the person in question does not receive what is sent, either text or a file of any kind. Of course, there are some details that let you know if you have been blocked. A couple of examples are as follows:

  • All messages that are sent appear as seen, but not as read. This can already make you suspect that something is happening … and it is not good
  • That the profile picture of the contact do not see it in the application. If this happens, you have clearly been blocked by this person and therefore you have to take action

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The case is that it is necessary to get in touch with the user in question although this has blocked you a very effective trick and that allows you to achieve this … Of course, if the contact in question has decided to take the step we discussed you should think that, at least temporarily, he will not want to talk to you … right?

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Send messages on WhatsApp to those who have blocked you

The first thing you should be clear about is that directly there is no way to send anything to that person, since the messaging application closes all the doors to achieve this … what has all the logic of the world. In this way, you do not have to follow this path because, whatever you do, you will fail. Therefore, you have to choose another way to skip the blockage and, this, is none other than the use of groups.

Here the control is less, since there are many variables and, therefore, in WhatsApp they are not all roads closed… and you just have to follow the right one. And, for that, we are here since we are going to indicate what you have to do. Thus, you must create a group in the messaging application, either your own iOS or Android, and in it you must include the contact that has blocked you. Thus, for example, it generates one that has three other people apart from the one chosen to prevent WhatsApp from taking action.

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Once you have done this, to which you have put more to generate the group, you must eliminate them (If you create only one group with the contact that blocked you, you will not be able to send messages of any kind as much as you try). The case is that in the group that you have created will be formed by you and, also, the person with whom you wish to contact. Now, to your surprise, sure you see your profile picture again… and that is good news.

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The case is that now if you send a message or file within the group … the person in question you will receive everything you send and he will not be able to do anything to avoid it … unless he leaves the group – but at least the first thing you send will see it … and it is possible that it is the beginning to resume contact on a regular basis. As you have seen, it is not too complicated to circumvent what causes you to be blocked when using WhatsApp.

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