has stopped signing iOS 12.4

by Kelvin

Generally when Apple launches a new update of its operating systems, and more specifically iOS, usually stop signing the previous version in a matter of days. This means that it is no longer possible to download that version officially, although there are always other ways to reach those versions. The fact is that after the launch of iOS 12.4.1 we had no news about its previous version and it has been in the last hours when it has already been known that the Cupertino firm has stopped signing it.

Forced’ to be on iOS 12.4.1

The arrival of iOS 13 and iPadOS is imminent and proof of this is that version 12.4.1 has been limited to correcting errors and providing the system with new security measures. Precisely for security reasons, we always recommend updating to the latest version of the device. It is also noteworthy that iOS 12.4 brought some bugs that generated more than one headache among users.



Both iOS 13 and iPadOS, the new version for the iPad, incorporate aesthetic and functional innovations that will improve the user experience with their devices. However, this does not detract from the still present iOS 12.4.1, mainly because this version will be the latest compatible with some devices.

The iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will see how this version of iOS will be the last one they receive because its support has touched ceiling with her. Therefore, this version has been very worked by Apple with the aim that these devices, despite taking years launched, can be fully functional until users decide to renew their device.

As we said in previous paragraphs, the arrival of iOS 13 and iPadOS is already very close and in fact it they have already launched their GM, acronym of Golden Master. These are the latest beta versions, which are assumed to be very stable because their code is the same as that of the final version that will reach all users. Among the devices that will update to this version we find the iPhone 6s or the iPhone SE, equipment already with a few years in the market but that will follow the latest in software.

Thus, it is expected that with the arrival of iOS 13 it will be the version of iOS 12.4.1 that is no longer signed by Apple, although there is still a week for that release to occur and it is also likely that the current version remains signed until after a few days.