Has your LG mobile's screen broken? so you can save the data

by Kelvin
LG pantalla rota


The fear that our mobile screen will break is latent even if our terminal is well protected. When the fateful day arrives, it may be the case that the display of our mobile is unusable, which forces us to look for a plan B to recover the data that we have stored. Today we are going to see the options we have to make a backup when the screen of an LG mobile is broken.


Normally, after the screen break, we begin to look for options to repair it. In this sense, it is advisable to always make a backup copy of our data, since the professional who will repair our screen, could, if necessary, perform a complete deletion of the terminal data. The surprise could be capital when we found the mobile factory reset without having saved a single photo of the stored.

Copy the information to a PC

Our goal is to dump the information contained in the terminal. If we have a microSD card, we must remove it and connect it to a PC, something that is very simple. The thing gets complicated when we have information in the internal memory. In this case we will have to connect the terminal to a PC using a standard USB cable. If the terminal is in mass storage mode, we can copy the contents of the internal memory of the phone to the hard disk.

Broken screen LG lines

Another option is to perform the backup with the tools offered by Koreans such as PC Suite or LG Bridge. If the phone is set to charging only mode, we cannot change this setting to pass the data to the PC because the screen does not work. The solution to this case will be different depending on the fault presented by the screen:

The touch sensor does not work

If the screen can be seen, but does not respond to keystrokes then we will have a problem with the touch sensor. On models that support USB OTG, it is possible to connect a USB mouse to the phone using an OTG cable, to control it using the mouse cursor and to change the USB mode to mass storage. In this way we can pass the data to the PC.

OTG cable mouse

Screen not visible

If the screen does not work (it is black) or can not be seen well (broken or stained), but the terminal works (vibrates or its operation is heard) The solution for save our data is on a Slimport cable with micro-USB connection, to connect the mobile any of the HDMI inputs of a TV or monitor and display the mobile screen. In this way you can change the type of USB port connection and proceed to make a backup.

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