Hate content: Laetitia Avia, author of the bill, in the turmoil

by Kelvin
Hate content: Laetitia Avia, author of the bill, in the turmoil
Laetitia Avia © G. Garitan / Wikipedia

Laetitia Avia (© Wikipedia / G. Garitan)

MP LREM is accused of having made racist, homophobic and sexist remarks against former collaborators. The elected official refutes and wants to file a complaint.


Laetitia Avia lives a highly complicated week since the publication of a charge file in the columns of Mediapart Tuesday, even as the bill to fight hate content on the Internet, which it is at the origin, is discussed at last reading then voted by the National Assembly this Wednesday May 13.

The annoying revelations of former collaborators

More than a year has passed since the filing of the Law proposition aimed at combating hatred on the Internet. On his initiative, Laetitia Avia. The elected majority, a few hours before the final vote of the National Assembly, had the unpleasant surprise of discovering a long survey published by our colleagues from Mediapart, Tuesday, which places her in a delicate position.

Five former collaborators of MP LREM accuse the latter of having preferred racist, homophobic and sexist remarks. But the accusations go further since the alleged victims report repeated humiliations, by providing screenshots to the media.

Laetitia Avia, a lawyer by training, dismissed these accusations with the back of her hand, referring to comments “and clearly”

Laetitia Avia links Mediapart article to final vote on hate content law

The member for Paris reacted late Tuesday evening on social networks, accusing the journalist author of the paper of having published three articles concerning her in the space of two months. It therefore denounces “the law, while indicating, suspiciously, that”

Laetitia Avia makes it clear that it maintains good relations with its former employees, some having asked “” or having simply given “”.

Consequently, the majority member indicated that she wanted to file a defamation complaint, while addressing a quarter of an hour after this announcement on Twitter, his ” “.

Our colleagues also indicate that the entourage of the deputy (after analysis of the IP, which would point to the National Assembly) would have carried out several times the modification of her page Wikipedia, concerning in particular a stormy episode with a taxi driver. “(Laetitia Avia)”, wrote another contributor to the platform, while restoring the paragraph.

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