Havaianas, the Brazilian flip flops also on your iPhone

by Kelvin

Find out about the latest Havaianas models and easily buy them with the iPhone app

Who does not know the famous Havaianas? It is the authentic and original brand of Brazilian flip flops that everyone uses almost daily, in addition to its large number of designs people not only use them to go to the beach, but for their day to day. Now we will see in depth how is the Havainas iPhone application, all its features and what it offers us.

Havaianas, the Brazilian flip flops also on your iPhone 4

This is the Havaianas iPhone app

Among its main features we can find, as soon as you enter the application, the Product Catalog, which It has more than 400 models of different flip flops and where you can quickly find out about the latest designs available. This consists of several sections and sub-sections, with the naked eye we can find the following tabs for Women, Men, Children and Accessories. These have their own sections through which we can see each product graphically cataloged, such as: flip flops, espadrilles, shoes, water boots, key chains, beach towels, bags and much more.


Through the menu that you will find in the upper left you can access other sections of the application from which we will have the possibility to scan products using the iPhone camera or by manually entering the product code, these will allow us to also locate it through of the application, if available.

You can also Find the official Havaianas stores around the world from the Where to buy section and where, as expected, you can buy your favorite flip flops.

As expected, too We can create an account to make our purchases directly from the catalog the application and with great advantages since directly from the iPhone we will have access to the purchase of any Havaianas product quickly and easily, regardless of whether they are flip flops, towels, bags, etc.

The best thing is that by buying directly from the application you can receive your orders directly in your case and we can also see all the information related to the orders made through the Order Information section, and if in any case the model you want to buy is It is not sold out, you will not have to worry either because through the app you are notified when it is available again.

Havaianas history

In the application menu we can not only find everything related to the purchase and promotion of the products of this famous company, it also has a graphic section called The Company and in which it is possible to know more about the history of this brand from its beginnings in the year 1962 until today. As commented by themselves:

Founded in 1962, Havaianas is the Brazilian brand of sandals par excellence, and today it has become an international company that spreads the Brazilian style in more than 100 countries.

To create his flip flops, Havaianas was inspired by traditional Japanese sandals, the Zori. The sole with the texture of rice grains is a tribute to those first Japanese sandals, although the soles of the Havaianas are made of vulcanized rubber so that the flip flops last longer, do not slip, do not smell and are extremely comfortable.

Without losing our essence, Havaianas has not stopped innovating since its creation. Today there are numerous different models, which allows you to wear sandals on any occasion.

In addition, to keep the spirit of Havaianas alive throughout the year, we have developed other types of products, such as water boots, espadrilles, sneakers …

If you are interested in following closely everything they publish, Havaianas are also available on the most important social networks. For this you simply have to open the application and then click on the menu icon (top left). Below you will have the option to select the social network you prefer to follow more closely all the movements of your favorite flip flops company.


In short, the Havaianas application is very easy to use and very intuitive. It allows us to access a large number of brand products that go beyond the beloved flip flops, we have the possibility to buy them directly from the application and if the product we want is not available, the app notifies us when it is again . So that, For many, it can be a very useful application because of its simplicity and how practical it is to carry it directly on the iPhone.

Download Havaianas for iPhone

If you do not already have this application on your iOS device, you can install through the direct download link, from the App Store, which you will find below.

Havaianas, the Brazilian flip flops also on your iPhone 5

Havaianas – Brazilian flip flops is in the App Store, requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. It is available in the following languages: Spanish, German, French, English, Italian, Portuguese.

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