Have you lost your Android phone? Google helps you find it

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This is one of the fears that many: lose your terminal not being able to locate it and, in this way, everything you have inside you cannot keep it. Well there are tools that offer the possibility of finding a device that does not know where it is thanks to the location. Y, Google, has its own tools for it.

Some time ago it was thought that achieving this was practically unfeasible, but right now this has changed and the company that develops Android It offers what is necessary to be able to locate a phone or tablet that does not know where it is and, all this, without having to pay a penny of euro. Of course, you have to be cautious and perform some actions and installations on the devices before losing it (and right now is a good time for it, by the way).

Disable Notifications on Android Without Complications

Prepare your Android phone to find it in case of loss

To get this and be prepared, what you have to do first is to make sure that the Location of the terminal is activated. Yes, it consumes some battery, but currently there are more benefits that this offers than the losses it entails. Achieving it is the simplest, since in the Quick Start icons that appear when deployed from the upper area there is one specifically dedicated to this that, obviously, you have to Activate.

Location on a smartphone

The following is to install the application Find my device In case you don't have it on your phone or tablet. In this link You can get the development. The installation is done regularly from the Google store, and as we have indicated before getting it is completely free. Once you have the application, you must perform the following steps to be sure that everything works correctly and to be able to find your Android device in case of loss:

  • Access the settings of the phone or tablet you have
  • Now, among the available options you must choose Security and, inside, in Find my device or Device Manager (this depends on the Android version you have
  • Now confirm that the swipe is on, otherwise it changes its position. By the way, we recommend having the Location History running since everything works much more optimally (this could be found in the Location options of your device)
  • Once this is done, you have your terminal ready so you can find it easily in case you lose it

How to use Google to find a lost phone

We are going to show the option using a web address, since this allows you to use the tool both on the phone of acquaintances and on a computer. Thus, you must access this link: android.com/find. You will need to identify you by using your email address and password (which must be the same one that you have activated on the phone or tablet you have lost).

Find my device in browser

Then a map appears on which in a green circle You can see where the terminal is, the accuracy depends on the chosen location, but it is quite good in general. Now, you simply have to go where you are and retrieve it. By the way, it is possible to do a few more things with this tool, and there are many interesting actions … these are:

  • Play a sound: something that allows finding the terminal much faster and more convenient (this is true even if the device is silent)
  • Lock device: which allows anyone to access the contents of this and, therefore, protect your information.
  • Delete device data: If you are not sure that you will be able to recover it, you can do this and leave the equipment restored at the factory so that all the information of your accounts and photos fall into the hands of third parties.

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