He Apple Watch Series 5 uses the same processor as Series 4, but it is not bad news

by Kelvin

Mentions of improvements in speed of Apple Watch 5 series during the keynote of presentation last September 10? Zero, and it is no accident. According to a tweet from Steve Troughton-Smith, a well-known developer the new smartwatch model has the same processor generation as last year, according to Xcode.

That means that the speed of opening and performance of applications will be the same between the Apple Watch 4 series Y Apple Watch 5 series. The differences are 32 GB of storage, the gyroscope and the screen that can always be on.


Although the web of Apple does not mention improvements in speed compared to last year's model does explain that it includes the S5, a system with 64-bit dual-core processor that is up to twice as fast as the S3.

The approach during the presentation of the new Apple Watch 5 series It focused on a new LPTO screen that does not turn off, using new technology that dramatically reduces the refresh rate of 60Hz when viewed or activated to just 1Hz when not in use. Even so, it maintains the same autonomy as the previous generation.

The minor renovation, although important in terms of the screen, is not a surprise considering that just last year they changed the design and made a very important qualitative leap by first including a two-core processor in such a small device.

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