Headphones & Speakers at Great Discounts

by Kelvin
Headphones & Speakers at Great Discounts

To enjoy good music, nothing better than a good headphone or a good speaker. And if you’re thinking about buying a new headphone or a cheap speaker, check out this special page with several audio products on offer that Amazon prepared.

It’s worth checking the promotions valid only today (Tuesday). For you to get a taste of what’s out there, we’ve separated some products below:

Supra In-Ear Headset, Philips

13% off

Designed to fit your ears perfectly, with the loud bass you feel.


BRL 79.99

A beautiful headset from Philips, model above ear, focusing on bass frequencies to provide an above-average sound experience when compared to other headphones.

Sport Earphone Headset, Philips

10% off

A firm and secure headset so you can focus on what really matters when playing sports.

BRL 44.36

Headset aimed at sportsmen, especially for having a fitting in the ear that prevents the accessory from falling even with intense movements during runs or walks.

Motorola Sonic Play 100 Bluetooth Speaker

18% off

It has a portable and lightweight design, which allows the user to easily carry it to enjoy music anywhere and anytime.

BRL 109.99

Motorola portable accessory with 1.5 W of power and differentiated design that offers clear sounds and the ability to last up to 4 hours away from the sockets thanks to a rechargeable battery.

Aukey EP-T1 Bluetooth Headset, Baseus

53% off

For those looking for a compact, lightweight bluetooth headset with good quality stereo sound.

BRL 322.18

Wireless headset alternative that works on the basis of Bluetooth technology and has a charging cradle that provides even more power to the accessory.


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