Here’s how much the Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 could cost

by Kelvin

Normally, Google should have presented the Pixel 4a this May at the Google I / O conference. But because of the pandemic, the firm had to cancel this conference and replace it with an online event to be held in June. And we expect the Pixel 4a to be unveiled at this event.

Meanwhile, rumors about Google’s next mid-range smartphone are already high on the web. The most recent concerns price.

In an article published this week, the Android Authority site relays a publication on Reddit from a person who received a poll from Google suggesting that the Pixel 4a could cost $ 349 in the United States. The same poll also suggests that the Pixel 5 (which will be released in a few months) could cost $ 699.


At the moment, of course, these are just assumptions. However, these prices suggest that for its smartphones of 2020, Google plans to make a small effort by lowering the prices of its smartphones mid-range and premium. Indeed, the Pixel 3a cost at least 399 dollars in the USA. And the Pixel 4 cost at least $ 799 (so a difference of $ 100).

A change of strategy?

In fact, many sources suggest that Google may change its strategy on smartphones. For example, some media outlets report that the Pixel 5 may not be equipped with a Snapdragon 865 SoC like the other high-end models of 2020 (like Xiaomi’s Mi 10 Pro), but use a more affordable SoC designed to the smartphones midrange. And recently, we also learned that Google may not equip the Pixel 5 with the Soli chip (which allows Motion Sense functionality on the Pixel 4). All this could allow Google to reduce the cost of its smartphone, which would make it possible to offer the Pixel 5 at a more affordable price than that of its predecessor.

As for the Pixel 4a, it should be a competitor to models like the iPhone SE (2020), the Samsung Galaxy A51, as well as the OnePlus Z which could be released in July.

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