Here's how to enable the Dark Mode on Chrome for Android

by Kelvin
Here's how to enable the Dark Mode on Chrome for Android

Google Chrome and the web browser most used in the world and, despite its flaws, it remains still today the main choice for all those users who are a little more aware, especially due to its many possibilities for customization.

Furthermore, for some years now Google Chrome is used as the default browser for mobile devices based on the Android operating system, developed by Google itself. Being an application developed by Google itself, Chrome always integrates the latest software news introduced with new versions of Android, including those related to the interface.



In fact, it has been possible for some time enable dark mode on Google Chrome introduced by Google on the new version of Android currently under test: Android Q. Although this feature was designed specifically for use on Android Q Developer Preview, you can still enable it and use it without problems even on previous versions of Android.

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The procedure is very simple is no risk to your device, even if it requires access to "flags" of Chrome, an advanced hidden setting menu present on the various versions of Google Chrome.

chrome whiteChrome with Dark Mode disabled |

Let's see then how enable the Dark Mode:

  1. Open Google Chrome and, in the address bar, type "chrome: // flags"(Without quotation marks).
  2. Search in the search bar "Android Chrome UI dark mode".
  3. In the drop-down menu corresponding to the item selected "Enabled".
  4. Restart Chrome by pressing l‘Special button in the pop-up present in the lower part of the screen.
  5. Close Chrome from the multi-tasking menu.
  6. Re-open Chrome and head to user settings browser, by clicking on the three dots at the top right and then on "Settings".
  7. A new item will appear in the menu: Themes.
  8. Touch on the item "Themes"And select"Dark".
chrome darkChrome with Dark Mode activated |

Here you are, yours Chrome browser will recharge the interface, which will now be dominated by darker colors. Waiting for a Reader Mode with support for Dark Mode, we can still be satisfied with the look of Google Chrome with the Dark Mode activated!

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