Here's How to Write Arabic in Word Easily, Already Know?

by Kelvin
Here's How to Write Arabic in Word Easily, Already Know?

Applications can be used for a variety of uses according to the function and purpose of the application. Applications or software can be accessed through various devices, ranging from computers, laptops, and mobile or smartphones.

One example is the word application that can be accessed using a computer or laptop. This word application can be used to complete various kinds of work related to documents.


Not all documents are written in Indonesian, but in other countries' languages. This diverse writing can also be done using word.

How to Write Arabic in Word (For Beginners)

Arabic is usually used for certain documents which have criteria to be written in Arabic. Here's how to write Arabic in the word so you can easily do it:

1. Enter keywords Control Panel to be able to enter the settings section

app control panel

2. Select a section Clock, Language, and Region> Change input method to be able to add other languages

How to Write Arabic in Word

3. In the Change your language preferences section, add other languages ​​by clicking Add Language

add language

4. Then the desired language is Arabic. click Arabic> Open

Arabic add

5. Then, the choice of Arabic will be registered on your computer by selecting the type of Arabic, click Arabic (Saudi Arabia)> Add

How to Write Arabic in Word Through a Laptop / PC

6. To change the language options to be used on the keyboard, select IDN in the lower right corner (next to the calendar)

IDN keyboard

7. Then choose Arabic which was previously entered into the computer

arabic keyboard

8. To type, you can use the on-screen keyboard that can be displayed whenever you need

9. To display this, click search> enter keywords On-Screen Keyboard, press enter

keyboard on screen

10. Then the Arabic keyboard will appear on your computer screen. By using the on-screen keyboard display can also make you write easily. Even when your keyboard is damaged, you can also take advantage of this on screen keyboard feature. In this case, writing Arabic will be easier to do because the on-screen keyboard can be changed and adapted to the language you want to use to write.

How to Write Arabic in Word with the On-Screen Keyboard

11. To continue writing using Arabic on Microsoft Word, you need to open and run the Word application

12. When the word application is running, and ready to be used for writing, select Home tab Menu> Paragraph> set it to be Right to Left text direction

This setting is necessary so that when you are writing in Arabic, the text of the sentence is in accordance with the rules of writing Arabic, which starts from right to left. The existence of these settings can also make the document you write a document that is neat and easy to read.

13. Then you can write Arabic in the word application

Writing using this word application can also support other languages, not limited to Indonesian, English, Arabic only. This writing can be tailored to your needs in the writing process.

arabic writing

With an explanation of the steps and how to write Arabic in word it becomes easier for you when working on and completing work with provisions for writing Arabic. Writing documents using Arabic accents is quite difficult, but if you already know the ways in detail, then it will not be a problem.

This information is written to help you in writing Arabic by using word as a document writing application media. Writing documents with Arabic can add to your information and insight in using the word application. Hopefully this article is useful for you.

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